I really want to thank you folks who kept me in your thoughts amidst my stress episode last night. I turned in my application today, but I’ll have to turn in a letter of recommendation in late, which I think will be okay.

As far as stress, I’m feeling quite a bit better. You guys and gals are great and I’m so thankful for your prayers.

mountainsandmoleskines said:

21 and 145 :)

21. What are your bad habits?

OH WHERE DO I START. I don’t make my bed. I have a tendency to start laundry but not fold the clothes when they are done. I hate matching socks, by the way, so I usually just pick out mismatching socks later. I make piles of things. Everywhere, little piles of papers, books, and so on. I tap on things with my fingers. I sometimes chew the ends of my pens. I ramble incessantly when I get on a good roll. I lose things a lot. I forget if I have told you a story or asked you a question already, so I ask/tell you again. And again. And again.

145. Tea or Coffee?

Oh, that’s not fair. It depends, I guess? I’m going to say coffee in the fall/winter, and tea in the spring/summer.

mountainsandmoleskines replied to your post: Just skyped with my sister for about an hour. I…

Cute! She sounds like a cool sibling, and you sound like the nicest older sister for helping her study the most annoying part of high school!

Let me tell you, that kid is the greatest. I’d do anything for her. She and I are incredibly close. I am probably going to make a photo set post about her soon so you guys can put a face with a name. :)