Shannon Galpin as Liv Ambassador profiles Galpin’s work bringing cycling to women in Afghanistan with Mountain2Mountain.

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Published! Streets of Afghanistan, by Matador Ambassador Shannon Galpin

WE ARE SO proud to announce the official launch of Ambassador Shannon Galpin’s book, Streets of Afghanistan. Shannon, who is a women’s rights activist, and runs the organization, Mountain2Mountain, spent four years putting together a collection of photographs that encapsulates “the beauty and the heartbreak” of this diverse country. Her book is available for purchase online, and in select bookshops. Congratulations, Shannon, on making this project a reality!

Watch this behind-the-scenes film to learn more about what went into the making of Streets of Afghanistan, and pick up your copy today.

Speaking of bikes and empowering women and Banksy, check out Mountain2Mountain, a nonprofit dedicated “to create a voice and empower women and girls in conflict zones.”

"We have seen our mission of educating and empowering women and girls evolve to focus beyond education and training, with activism, arts, and sports to look at ways that connect communities, inspire girls, and build on the belief that women are equal."


Gear Drive for the Men’s & Women’s Afghan Cycling Teams

From the video: “This winter and spring, Breckenridge based nonprofit, Mountain2Mountain, organized a gear drive nationwide. As the cycling gear piled up, Shannon Galpin’s home began to look like an episode of Hoarders. Jerseys, helmets, shoes, seats, water bottles, even 6 six racing bikes - 350 pounds of gear in total got packed up and made the journey with us to Afghanistan.”