Fic: When in Rome

Inspired by a *delightful* catyuy prompt. 

In Brief: "I want a future fic where Jane gets her first Broadway lead and she’s not nervous until they tell her that Blaine Anderson has been cast as her leading man. She’ll have to make out with Mr Anderson, oh god Mr Hummel is going to kill her…”

Thanks to tchrgleek for the beta!  Read on AO3


Kurt gets to his phone after the first ring. He’s not worried, exactly. His father is fine and everyone else, including his husband at the kitchen table, is accounted for. Still, nothing good comes from phone calls before either of them have had their coffee.

He’s ready for an “emergency” on Rachel or Artie’s respective sets, but not for the wail that erupts from the receiver.

“I’M SORRY. Mr. Hummel? Is that you? Oh my god, I’M SO SORRY!”

“Excuse me—?” Kurt tries to cut off the sound, but the wailing rises, and he has no idea who might be apologizing for something on the other end of the line. He has well-worn methods for calming Rachel, Tina, or even Sam (the latter of which mostly involves handing the phone over to Blaine), but without a name—

“I had no idea when I auditioned for the part, Mr. Hummel, I promise!” the voice cries. “My agent thought it would be a good fit, and she was actually right. I haven’t seen a part since Nabulungi in The Book of Mormon that’s such an excellent fit for my skill set, but that doesn’t make up for— for” She trails off in a mumble about kissing and Warbler blazers. In that moment, Kurt suddenly remembers bright eyes and a broad, giddy smile.

“Jane? Is that you?” He leans against one hip against the kitchen countertop and squints into space, as though that might make her logic come into focus. “What on earth do you have to apologize for? We haven’t heard hide nor hair from you since Rachel’s wedding. You vanished.”

“You mean he hasn’t told you? Oh god, I just assumed—“ Her voice rises again as Kurt presses the phone against chest and turns, slowly, toward the kitchen table.

“Blaine, sweetheart?”

“Hmm?” Blaine hums back without taking the toast out of his mouth or looking away from the Style section in the Sunday Times.

“Is there something you were maybe going to tell me?”

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Kurt had thought that the whole process of Rachel becoming pregnant would be a technical process with hormone shots, petri dishes and ultimately a pregnancy test. He had never counted on it being so emotional. 

6x13 reaction

“…so now that we’ve decided to go with the surrogacy, all we need to do now is to find…” 

“I’ll do it!”

Kurt’s sentence is cut off by Rachel, whose announcement causes Jessie to almost choke on a mouthful of vegetarian lasagna. Rachel beams at Kurt and Blaine as if she’s just told them she’s already pregnant and the two men stare back, at loss of words. 

“Uh… what?” Blaine finally asks, his question laced with a disbelieving chuckle. “Rachel, we’re trying to find someone to carry our child.” 

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anonymous asked:

Nerd ! Kurt with a crush on soccer player ! blaine ??


Blaine is a decent soccer player, that much he can’t deny.

He’s fast, he’s good at stealing the ball and his size doesn’t matter on the field.

And the Letterman jacket it provides is far too valuable anyway.

But every now and then, Blaine wonders what his life would be like if he could take if off and let himself care about his other passions.

Like, reading.

Or just stay in the library, for that matter.

… Fine, he would like to leave the training sessions early to be able to look moronically at one Kurt Hummel, there, he said it.

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Fic: Dress You Up

anon prompted: imagine kurt and blaine are going out (lets just say to one of kurt’s work parties) and kurt LOVES blaine in this particular black shirt so he always tries to get blaine to wear it to functions (or whatevs) because his husband looks so dang sexy in it uwu

~900 words, PG-13, sheer fluff.

Okay, Kurt, just stay calm. You’re an actor for a reason, you know.

“Babe? Why are my clothes lying on the bed?” Blaine asked, appearing from their en-suite bathroom with wet, tousled hair and a towel slung around his waist. “You wanna borrow them or something?”

“What? Oh my God, no,” Kurt said, crinkling his nose in distaste. “They’re for you to wear tonight, silly.”

Don’t question it, just go with it, c’mon….

“But you let me pick my own wardrobe years ago,” Blaine said, brows furrowing in confusion.

“I stopped giving you advice, B,” Kurt interjected. “I always let you pick your own clothes.”

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anonymous asked:

Could you rec any good Daddies!Klaine fic? :)

****Angel In A Red Vest by dontbefanci (NC-17 COMPLETE)  

Kurt is back home in Ohio, caring for an ailing dad and there’s a new fire chief in town. Secrets and circumstances make this particular rescue a bit more daunting than most. Warning for minor character death. *Yeah, read this NOW.

A Fresh Start by PickingViolets (Rated M - Complete) Blaine, a nurse, fresh from a bad marriage, is looking to start a new life for him and his daughter. Kurt, a doctor, is dealing with his own struggles as a single dad. Meeting in the emergency room late one night can provide more healing than either thought possible.

One and Only by theoreoqueen (Rated M – WIP)

Kurt is a single father who is struggling to get by. Blaine is one of the wealthiest men in New York City who has life handed to him on a silver platter. It has to be nothing less than fate when their two worlds collide.  Daddy!Kurt

Sparks Might Fly by peter-pan-equals-luv (Rated M - Complete - sequel below)

When single father Kurt Hummel needs to find a nanny for his baby girl, he puts an advert out and meets Blaine Anderson, a young man who needs a job and is amazing with Kurt’s daughter. Kurt hires him and, could it be? nanny!Blaine

Fanning The Flames by peter-pan-equals-luv (Rated M - Complete)

After months of no contact, Kurt finds out that Blaine is Sophie’s new teacher. They come together again to overcome past difficulties and to see if those same sparks could turn into flames. Sequel to Sparks Might Fly. Probably should read that first

Second Chances by writtenfables (Rated M - WIP)

Badboy!Blaine and Daddy!Kurt   After a heart-breaking decision, Kurt and his daughter, Tabitha, move back to LimaOhio to live with his parents. Kurt keeps focus on a future for his daughter, even if that means working in the garage with his father again. But plans change when he meets a friend of Burt’s (and hot bad boy) BlaineAnderson.