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Oh my god I can't wait for your polis fic! All I can think of now is Clarke quoting a bunch of movies and cartoons and trying to stiffle her laughter when people take it seriously but also her singing disney songs and being all like "this is the song of my people it's v serious and important k" or like teaching people how to pop lock and drop it saying it's some sort of ritual

she actually does this stuff a lot even tho it wont show up in the fic

like this family takes her in and they have this little kid that she takes care of who thinks he knows everything and he’s so fascinated by her ‘’far away culture’’ so she’ll say shit like hakuna matata and supercalifragilisticexpiallidocious and talk about football like its an all out war and this kid is SO INTERESTED and so IMPRESSED

bonus: i cant wait for you guys to see what happens when lexa asks her what hakuna matata is