Audi - BMW war getting ugly in DTM? Audi DTM director Dieter Gass rejects BMW allegations.

By Tarek Ramchani Following the eventful Nürburgring DTM race there were some protests from BMW Motorsport regarding Audi’s behaviour during the race.

At BMW they believe that Audi drivers ruined Bruno Spengler’s race with hard contact on track. The Canadian had many moments of contact with Audi RS 5 DTM cars during the race. Spengler finished the race in fourteenth place, no points and the gap between himself and the series leader, Mike Rockenfeller, increased up to 39 points.

"More or less every Audi drove into me today, so car was really damaged on its left side after the first lap. I won’t say it’s intentional, but you have to look at the facts. It was aggressive again, a bit like stock-car. To be honest, I think it was a little bit over the limit, as this is the second time I finished with half a car in two races." More about BMW Motorsport’s reactions, including quotes from Bruno Spengler and BMW Motorsport director Mr. Jens Marquardt, can be seen atTouringCarTimes **here**.

Bruno Spengler, BMW Team Schnitzer BMW M3 DTM

Photo by: XPB Images

At Audi there has of course been a reaction to this. DTM director at Audi Sport, Mr. Dieter Gass, clearly denied any strategy to harm Bruno Spengler, rejecting any accusation that the Audi Sport teams deliberately asked their drivers to block the Canadian’s progress.

"We have our race drivers and they’re paid to race, not give positions away. You saw today that they were fighting very hard and very fair with each other; almost as hard as as they were with Bruno. I don’t think I saw anything unfair manouevers, though." More about Mr Dieter Gass’ reactions can be seen at TouringCarTimes here.

First of two (intended) articles on Michael Waltrip after a phone interview conducted this morning through Bleacher Report. This one details his new association with well-known racing news and photography website, and how Waltrip will improve the site with his election to its advisory board.

Unlike with FOX and SPEED, where he provides race commentary and occasional written pieces online, Waltrip’s role will remain mostly behind the scenes. ”I’ve got my hands in every aspect of the NASCAR world, not only as the part time race car driver but as the full time TV guy and race team owner,” he said. “They just want to have my insight and my knowledge, and I think it’ll make more appealing to fans.”

*This article has received top headline placement on Bleacher Report’s NASCAR section as of Tuesday evening, April 24, 2012.

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