Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Director: Mamoru Oshii

Director of Photography: Hisao Shirai

Art Director: Hiromasa Ogura

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

fill this out and tag people you wanna get to know better (I was tagged by nevernothingnot!)

name: Violet Warfield

nickname: Vi

birthday: 10 - October

orientation: extremely lesbian

favorite color: Violet (duh)

current time and date: 10:21am Jan 25th, 2015

lucky number: 25

first word that comes to mind: entropy

one place that makes me happy: ….

favorite fictional character: Motoko Kusinagi

favorite animation: Ghost in the shell

favorite beverage: H2O! (Gatoraid) H2O!

favorite food: fried rice with lots of soy

last movie i saw in theaters:  it’s been over 2 years, so…no idea

dream vacation: Mars

dream wedding: Divine wedding

dream job: Evil Goddess

TAGGING TIME.  Also, anyone i tag is absolutely free to decline all or part of doing this, as i know some of you are not comfortable with personal information. admiraltatianawolverines, monobey, mistressandry, beautifulpropaganda, bearjazzsa, thequeeninchartrouse, lexi-danger, and anyone else who wants to do it!