(Smut warning)

{Requested by tinkb}

Imagine: You and your boyfriend, Nikki Sixx, are at a photoshoot.

“Thirty minute break,” the photographer said.

“Nikki, honey, why is your dick shoved off to the side,” you giggled.

“Because. Only way it’ll fit, dollface,” he smirked.

He led you to a room and locked the door. Then he sat you on a counter.

“How about instead of my dick being shoved off to the side, it’s shoved up inside of you, (Name)?” he smirked seductively.

“Oh, please?” you handed him your panties.

“Skirt off,” he smirked.

You slid it off and he pulled out his boner.

He slid in and went slow, driving you insane.

“Nikki,” you moaned.

“Beg me,” he whispered in your ear.

“Nikki, please. You’re driving me insane. I want you all the way inside me. I want you making me scream, making me cum, I want you as hard and rough as I can get you!” you moaned loudly as he thumbed your clit.

“Good girl,” he praised, and pounded you as hard as he could.

“Yes…yes…Nikki fucking Sixx!” you cried out as you finished.

He chased his climax and cursed loudly as he finished in you.

He continued rubbing you sensitive clit and you bucked your hips into his fingers.

“Mr. Sixx! Are you almost done?!” the photographer yelled.

“Yeah! Be right out!” Nikki yelled back, smirking devilishly at you.

He bit your neck hard.

“Now, when we get home, I want you undressed and in bed by the time I get up home. Understand?” he tilted your chin up to look into his lust-filled eyes.