Paul was one of a kind: a musicians’ drummer who thought about the music, not just the rhythm, and cast his own sound on everything he played. But he could play anything, and with anybody. He was committed to his work, and didn’t stop learning as he grew older. When he wanted to start writing music, he learned how to write. Once, while playing at the Vanguard, I heard a crash, looked up, and Paul wasn’t there at his drums. But coming from behind his drums was his arm, reaching for the cymbals so he wouldn’t miss a beat. He had fallen off the drum stool in his musical excitement, but never stopped playing.
—  Keith Jarrett, quoted in Paul Motian Dies at 80 (
…Sebbene ci insegnino a cercare una qualità senza tempo nell’arte, in realtà ad essere veramente senza tempo è la vita: la medesima successione, incredibilmente simile a se stessa, di esigenze, di richieste e dipendenze, che continuano a ripetersi e mescolano di anno in anno…
—  Paul Motion citato daAdam Gopnik in “Una casa a New York”
Keith Jarrett Trio - Live In Paris - 1972 - Past Daily Downbeat

Keith Jarrett Trio – Live In Paris – 1972 – Past Daily Downbeat

The inimitable Keith Jarrett

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Keith Jarrett Trio – Live at Grand Studio 104, ORTF, Paris – June 9, 1972 – ORTF

Over to Paris this weekend for a radio concert with the Keith Jarrett Trio featuring Keith Jarrett taking up multiple duties including Soprano saxophone and Flute. Along with Charlie Haden on Bass and Paul Motian on Drums.

Groundbreaking work from…

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