I still look at her every single night before I go to sleep and can’t believe I’m a mother and I’m blessed enough to be given this beautiful little girl. She’s perfect in every sense of the word. I must of done something right in my twenty four years of being alive, because I’ve been graced with this amazing human being, this little girl that I get to see grow up into a little lady. Her smile and her eyes light up every single morning and give me more than every reason to get out of bed and see through the day. I lay in bed at night and I hear her breathing, or hear her let out a little sound, and I can’t help but smile. My daughter. I’m lucky, I’m lucky, I’m so so lucky. 

5 months old : The things we couldn't do without!

There’s so many items that I never would have heard of if I wasn’t a parent. But now I feel so well equipped with all these little baby gadgets and baby related items around the house. I thought I’d share with you all the five main things that we couldn’t manage without right now! Well, we probably could, but that’s not the point – these five items are pretty damn handy.

Ewan the dream sheep

We bought Ewan the dream sheep when we had trouble getting Daisy to sleep in her cot. This was probably when she was about 2 months old. She’s now 5 months old and I don’t want to say we rely on it, but .. well, we do. She can still get to sleep without him but not as easily as she would do with him. For any of you that haven’t heard of Ewan the dream sheep or don’t know what he does then check him out here. He’s a pretty cool little sheep that plays little lullabies with heartbeats and womb sounds in the background. He’s also a pretty neat little night light. If you’re having trouble trying to get the little one to settle down at night, I would say give Ewan a go! He’s certainly saved us a couple of hours sleep.

Travel bottle warmer

For mums that breastfeed then this probably wouldn’t be handy to you at all. But we would be a bit lost without this travel sterilizer. It works the exact same way a hot flask would – you just fill it up with boiled water and then pour it into the little plastic bottle holder when you’re ready to warm it up. This is great for us because you’re never cut short when in need of a nice warm bottle. If we’re in a coffee shop or restaurant then it’s easy enough to ask for hot water, but if not then you have your bottle warmer. Boom. Done. We rarely ever leave the house without it.

Sophie the Giraffe

Daisy is teething. And quite simply it can be a bit of a nightmare. If something isn’t in her mouth then she is not happy. She literally has to have anything in her mouth and it can be a bit unsettling as I can’t take my eyes of her a lot of the time because she’ll wriggle around and go out of her way to put ANYTHING in her mouth. So we always make sure we have plenty of teething toys around. We don’t leave the house without them at the moment and when we are at home we have so many around the house. Her favourite one is the famous Sophie le Giraffe! She will sit with it in her mouth for what feels like hours on end. We love our Sophie haha.

Car seat toys & mirror

Daisy gets very frustrated when she’s in the car. She can be really happy before hand and then as soon as she’s in the car she’ll scream and get into a bit of a state. Ever since we’ve introduced some toys that clip onto the car seat she’s been a bit better. Especially a car seat mirror. It’s great because she can see us and we can see her. If she’s upset I just get her attention in the mirror and she calms down as soon as she sees we are there. It’s pretty stressful driving with a screaming baby so we make sure we always have these on hand. Especially the mirror.

Dummy clips

Any parent that uses dummies (or if you’re american – pacifiers) will know how frustrating it can be when a baby drops a dummy straight on the floor and then that’s one gone until you’re back at home with a sterilizer. We attempting using our dummy sterilizer but found we just couldn’t have it ready in time for whenever we left the house and it just didn’t seem to ever get used. We always make sure when we go out that we have a dummy attached to a dummy clip and place it on her t-shirt. It’s so handy! I’m not sure why we never used these before, but it’s definitely something we couldn’t manage without right about now! Especially as Daisy absolutely loves grabbing her dummy out of her mouth and throwing it wherever she fancies.

What do you rely on?  


Pieces of Today

Tired version:

Lots of rolling around on the floor love and squeals with the sisters.
Sharing of a stool in the bathroom while the sisters brushed their teeth in the morning together.
Quinoa for breakfast lunch and snack.
Walks to thrift store.
Chapters of Ivy & Bean.
Snuggles in the rocker with mama and Oria.
The sisters playing the piano together.
Both girls helped papa with the vacuuming.
Rode a double decker bus.
Oria hopped on one foot for 8 seconds. Amazed me.
Walked most of Cook Street.
Visited the playground.
Oria rode the zip line a few hundred times. Mastered how to fan dangle everything on her own, no help!
Amazed me!
Arrow climbed a huge stump today. All by herself. No help.
Amazed me!
Arrow and I shared a swing.
Jeff arrived to join us in Victoria for his holidays! Everyone was so excited to see him. Oria ran right up into his arms from across the park.
Arrow was a bit hesitant mostly because he was sort of unrecognizable with dark glasses a huge beard and toque on.
Jeff rode the zip line once with each girl.
I had a go.
Oria and her dad put together her new Pete The Cat Puzzle. Twice before bed.
Oria is sleeping in a single army tent tonight in the house.
I’m sleepy.

Just a warning… I’m about to talk about my female anatomy.  If you’re squeamish, you may want to scroll on past.

Okay, so I’ve been dealing with the usual postpartum bladder leaking that I’m sure we’re all too familiar with.  I’ve been wearing a pad when I work out, because sprints and high knee movements are especially challenging.  Unfortunately, on Thursday, the pad moved during the fastest sprints I’ve ever done and I had to stop because I soaked through my underwear & pants.  Hella embarrassing.

I made an appointment with my doctor because I injured my urethra when I gave birth to my first baby; I was afraid I had somehow injured the area again.  She did an internal check, because some women do need surgery to fix it.

Turns out everything is normal.  It’s just that since A is still getting up every 2 hours, my prolactin levels are very high.  The pituitary gland compensates for this by lowering estrogen levels.  This causes the vaginal walls to thin, which means they do not provide the same support to the bladder as normal menstruating women.

She said that it’ll resolve itself when A starts sleeping through the night and my estrogen levels rise again.  In the meantime, she gave me some estrogen cream to use internally, and a helpful trick for when I exercise.  Basically, if you insert a lubricated tampon before exercise, it allows the vagina to give the bladder extra support.  I tried it today and it really did help. 

On the plus side, during the examination, she said that my internal muscles look strong.  She said that she wouldn’t even be able to tell I’ve ever had a baby, let alone 3 babies totaling 25 pounds.  She said that she’s had to tell other women that their “professional jump roping days are over” but that everything looks beautiful for me internally.  I guess all the simple pelvic floor exercises I’ve been doing have been working.


Prison Is Not Feminist: These photographs are of attendees at the exhibition of No Selves To Defend that was held on July 18, 2014 and were taken by photographer Sarah Jane Rhee. The sign was designed by Antonia Clifford.

According to @prisonculture, this is how they framed the actual exhibit:

We decided that we would anchor it with the stories of Celia (a 19th century enslaved black woman) and Marissa (a 21st century unjustly prosecuted black woman).

All of the photographs created with the sign can be seen on the Prison Is Not Feminist blog, and a few photos of the exhibit itself are on Prison Culture blog.

Sandra Lucía Salguero’s husband was deported 5 days after their baby was born! Sandra, a community member from South Philadelphia, needs our support. She gave birth to a beautiful baby named Christopher on August 11th, 2014. Since her husband’s deportation, Sandra lost emotional and economic stability and does not have family in the U.S. that can support her. Sandra has been forced to live in a basement with her baby and is unable to work for three months due to the cesarean section she went through.

Will you help a baby and a loving mother in need by donating?

Sandra is not making enough milk for her baby because she is suffering from stress and depression. In Philadelphia, it is mandatory that mothers breastfeed their babies for at least the first month before filing an application to obtain free formula. But just buying formula and other necessities for her baby, like clothes and diapers, is out of her budget.

“All I’m asking for is help so I can survive these three months. As soon as I can work, I will get up on my feet and work hard for me and my baby. Thank you so much” – Sandra. 

Please consider donating to help Sandra and her baby Christopher, every little bit will help!  No human being should go through such deplorable conditions, especially a newborn baby.


There is no better sound in the world than hearing my kids speak our language (Maori). Here’s Piiata explaining why she wont go down the slide without her sister, she’s convinced that her legs will brake or get chopped off.