With Hannibal coming back SOOOOON, I thought it might be a good idea to reintroduce my Hannibal Artbook: Antler Velvet. This book is sort of a must have collector’s item for serious Hannibal fans. There’s lots of Hannigram in it too, for those who take that ship seriously. It’s filled with 91 pages of my original art, plus poetry and prose and many descriptions. It’s the book the panel in my twitter cover photo is gawking over. Everyone who owns this book loves it - it is special in its way, not because I created it, but because it represents that period of time when we were all going insane after the season 2 finale. I don’t make enough money off the sales of it to be doing this for the money - I just really want the fans to have this piece of history. So, in honor of season 3’s imminent return, I urge you to check out my artbook, Antler Velvet. Thank you, my pals!

Mads himself has told me several times how much he “loves my art” - he owns both my artbooks.

Caroline pulled me to the side after the Paley event to tell me I’m “a brilliant artist.”

Bryan went out of his way to praise Antler Velvet on twitter to all of his followers, calling it “GORGEOUS.”

Laurence went into complete shock over it (as you can see on my twitter header)