made from love

A/N: um…oh my god???? i thought that “end up happy” would get like maybe 20 notes. thank you all so much for reading it and liking it!!!! 

so, in this one, olicity goes to visit donna in vegas. next up is gonna be roy.  i guess if you want something specific or a prompt or anything just let me know??? i still can’t believe so many people liked the other one you all are amazing 

The doorbell rang just as Donna Smoak was strapping on her work shoes.  

“Give me a second!” she yelled toward the door, a few choice words running through her head. She had to leave for work in five minutes max, and while she could run in six-inch heels with the best of them, these ones were almost brand new and she didn’t need the blisters.  

Shoes firmly on, Donna dashed over to the door, hoping it was a mailman or someone that she could get rid of quickly. But when she swung open the door, it revealed the last person she ever expected to see back in Vegas – her daughter.  

“Felicity!” she cried. She was about to hug her when she caught sight of the man behind her and nearly squealed with happiness. “And Oliver! Oh, it is so good to see you again! And here with Felicity! Does that mean you two are –” She wiggled her fingers between them.

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