Parents rarely let go of their children, so children let go of them. They move on. They move away. The moments that used to define them-a mother’s approval, a father’s nod-are covered by moments of their own accomplishments. It is not until much later, as the skin sags and the heart weakens, that children understand; their stories, and all their accomplishments, sit atop the stories of their mothers and fathers, stones upon stones, beneath the waters of their lives.
—  Mitch Alborn, “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”

News to all racist TMI fans with their knickers in a twist about Izzy and Simon:

Cassandra Clare, the Queen Mother of our fandom, has started multiple times in the last 24 hours that she approves of and supports the decision to make Izzy and Simon persons of color.


Oh and also, she made it very clear that Maia, Magnus and Raphael must also be played by PoC actors/actresses. 

All of you can now kindly stfu and gtfo.


This is mainly directed at the facebook fans posting all of their disgusting racist statements on the tv show’s fan page. From what I have seen, fans on tumblr have been extremely positive and happy about the casting. But there are a few of you who this pertains to as well and you know who you are. ( *cough* Adam Lambert fan casting fans *cough* )

i see what the cartoon industry is doing and i approve
  • homophobic mother:you're watching adventure time? doesn't that have lesbians?
  • child:no, mom, it's kind of hinted and some people behind the show say they are but but they could easily be interpreted as friends
  • ~later~
  • homophobic mother:i read online that that legend of korra show has lesbians now. you can't watch it anymore.
  • child:it's already over, mom. anyway, it's not explicitly stated in the show, anyway, it's just been confirmed by the creators, which is the same thing you were okay with in adventure time.
  • ~later~
  • homophobic mother:what are you watching?
  • child:steven universe.
  • homophobic mother:are those two girls... a couple???
  • child:yeah but don't worry mom!! they aren't really girls! they are aliens that don't have human genders. everyone of their kind uses "she" but they aren't actually girls they just see it as the default gender.
  • homophobic mother:i guess... that's fine...
  • ~soon~
  • homophobic mother:are those two girls in that cartoon a couple??
  • child:what's the problem? you were okay with steven universe. the difference is just semantic since sapphire and ruby are practically girls.
  • homophobic mother:...i guess that's true...
  • ~soon after that~
  • child:but mom! you already knew they were a couple, and you were okay with it! what's the difference if we see them kiss?
  • homophobic mother:okay, fine. you can keep watching this.
  • ~soon after that~
  • child:it's not any different than two girls.
  • homophobic mother:i guess not. fine, go back to your show.
  • cartoon producers:*laughing evilly* yes... yes... the children are now being indoctrinated into being gay... step three of the gay agenda is almost complete. next we will move on to step 4: world domination!!!
  • gays everywhere:*many high-fives* interesting...

I told my mom about how one of my friends suspects that I may like a certain someone(I never said if I did or not). Mom thought it was funny. Curious, I asked her, hypothetically of course, what she would do if I did have a crush on this dude. She paused for a moment in thought apparently, making my mind race and worry for the worse of her opinion. Then she said, “I would approve." 

Thoroughly surprised, I inquired, "Really? Why?" 

"Because he is intelligent, clean cut, and he’s really cute,” A playful smirk tugged at her thin lips, “Now do you have a crush on him?”

“Wha-gerfffffummmm…no!” I grumbled and I felt my face burn a glow with that betraying blush. 

She approving still kind of surprises me. 

i know a lot of people judge me when i say that i love gossip girl but … honestly!?!? that show is so real. sure, they live abnormal lives where they’re treated like 30-year-olds and they go to crazy, fancy parties and date people twice their age, but the story lines are so real. like blair is just an insecure teenage girl who wants her mother’s approval and wants to be independent and mean something to people, but has a bad way of showing it. and nate just tries to do the right thing all the time and be nice to his family and friends, but still manages to screw up and get himself into love triangles and trouble. i don’t care if you don’t like the show, but don’t you dare disrespect it.

Episode 2.19 - Paul Kwiatkowski

Recorded March 28th, 2015 at Stockholm Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn

When your first book receives critical praise from the likes of Ira Glass and Alec Soth, it’s probably safe to say you’ve created something worthy of attention. I met Paul Kwiatkowski when he sent me a pitch for a feature in LPV Magazine. What ended up being published was Kid Tested, Mother Approved which later made it into his book, And Every Day Was Overcast. When he finished up the book he sent me a PDF which I read on my iPad while flying to Minneapolis. It was one of those rare occasions when a piece of art completely messed with my mental furniture. It felt like the mix of writing and photography that I’d been searching for since I embarked on the photographic path.

We struck up a friendship and last year decided to collaborate on a project, which we’ve titled Willow Lake. It has been an intense experience at times, but well worth it because it’s the most fulfilling collaboration I’ve had with another artist to date. Whenever we hang out and converse I always feel like I’m pushing my ideas forward.

Earlier this year Paul wrapped up his project “Eat Prey Drug’ which was published entirely on the web with Black Balloon. The presentation is one of the most unique I’ve seen for this type of narrative. Paul takes risks and never pursues the easy path. I’m happy he joined us for a conversation.

Special thanks to Tamara Kametani for photographing our conversation.

Photobooks/Photography Featured

Excerpt from Willow Lake 1

Excerpt from Willow Lake 2

And Every Day Was Overcast by Paul Kwiatkowski

Radical Eye by Miron Zownir



To listen to this week’s episode: Listen to or download on SoundCloud, via direct link, or subscribe to The LPV SHOW on iTunes; SoundCloud; or viaRSS.

Executive Producer / Host Bryan Formhals

Produced by Tom Starkweather and Eddy Vallante

Audio Engineer and Music by Tom Starkweather

fate-motif asked:

Is there such thing as an amiable ENFJ/ISTP relationship in fiction?

Amiable? I’m not sure about that, but I can do a contrast for the purposes of telling them apart.

Regina and Emma in Once Upon a Time.

Specifically, let’s talk about how they relate to their son. 

How he thinks about Regina has the power to change her life. She cares what he thinks about her. She hides those parts of herself that are evil from Henry, out of fear that he will cease loving her because of them. Regina wants to be loved and to have approval. Her mother starved her of it, and she lost the only man she ever loved, but her life is still shaped out of a need for external validation. When other people believe in her, Regina changes for the better. She started out with a compassionate heart, wanting to do good for “the realm” and … well, she went dark. But her thinking is still very much oriented around her emotions and how people relate to her, and what futuristic vision she can unfurl that will impact them all in specific ways. She is very deliberate and has long-term plans constantly spinning in her head.

Emma was a drifter who lived on the edge, who got a high out of stealing stuff. She is a natural problem solver and somewhat detached and distant. Henry strikes her as a lunatic, with his stories about fantasy merging into reality … but there’s something about him that she kind of finds interesting. So, she listens to her gut (Ni) and sticks it out, until she comes to realize that he’s right, and this really is her destiny. But unlike Regina, her emotions nag at her. Pester her. Feel uncomfortable. Hard to get out. She does need to talk about them, but it isn’t fun. Either she avoids them altogether or it comes out in a flood. 

Her relationship with Henry is interesting – because she pushed him away at first and then, because he wanted her to believe him, she started feeling responsible for him. In the end, she doesn’t do things for Henry the way Regina does or hide her true self away, but she does strive to become the hero he is searching for – her own way of connecting to him through Fe and changing for the better.

Regina lives in her emotions and they dictate all her decisions; Emma has to fight to find hers and to put aside rationality for a sense of belonging. When going into a bad situation, it’s Regina who reacts first, who is suspicious and emotive, and Emma who approaches everything with detached analytical skills, hell-bent on getting them all out alive.

As duals, this pairing does a lot for both parties … and since they share middle functions, they have a lot in common. But the ENFJ will be more focused on doing good for the betterment of society on the whole and the ISTP will be more concerned with logical truths.


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anonymous asked:

I don't know where is the problem with wanting your own dad approval. I'm a mature and independant woman, and I seek for my parents, especially my mother, approval. If they don't, it's ok, but if they do, I'm happy. You work, yes you still live with your parents, but if I had the choice, I would like to live with them too. Home is where the heart is after all, and, what a surprise, I love my family. Feminism isn't about being independant and strong, and "being able to support yourself without a

man, but about being respected as a person, mindless the gender. It’s about having equal rights, and, I’m sorry if I’m breaking it up to you anon, but you can have for a goal new breasts, and still be a feminist. Anyway, I’m happy that you will finally get the breasts you want Miss Witch !! And I’m sending to you my thoughts for the operation to go well too :)

Yeah, it’s a whole bunch of reasons why I live with my parents even though I earn more than enough to support myself, but no way I’m gonna make them everyone’s business XD My parents have always been my best friends as well, so I’ll miss them immensely when I do move out.

Feminism is about doing whatever the fuck you wanna do (as long as it’s morally correct obvs) regardless of gender and not be judged about it. But can’t exactly slap this knowledge into people XD

alteanknightjade | starter

  discourtesy was something her mother would
  never approve of, understandable of course. Still,
  questions would not be considered rude if Morgan
  phrased them correctly. At least, she thought so.

    ❝Excuse me but I have a question for
    you. Why do you wear that over your
    face? Wait no, that was too rude…❞

  Mulling over her next words, the blonde tactician
  gave an apologetic smile to the taller woman. In
  a flash she visibly brightened, lips parting to say,

    ❝Jade, was it? Would you please tell
    me why you wear your cloth mask? As
    long as it’s not a problem, of course!❞

Odd obects: a facny frame propped against a lawnchair
Just the frame not even a back.
Another lawnchair tried to kill me just now
Im tempted to get a drink if i didnt know there would be a big hollerin to-do about it by my redneck family thinkin its some kind of landmark in my life and/or mother wouldnt approve
Im bored out of my skull
Help me
Im not going to lie im not the country type i dont care for any of this i want my room and my computer and a power outlet

Here are some fire emblem awakening family headcanons:

  • Sully has like seven older brothers and heaven help you if they think you’ve made their baby sis cry (assuming there’s enough of you left once Sully’s done with you)
  • Tharja’s parents are the sweetest people you’d ever meet, and they routinely invite her and her husband over for the holidays. They spoil Noire rotten when they visit.
  • Vaike’s got five baby siblings and an older sister. After their parents died he helped his older sis take care of the little ones
  • Cherche’s mother approves of Frederick, and welcomes him to the family with open arms, and the understanding that if he gets Cherche pregnant and runs off there is no rock under which he can hide. Cherche is embarrassed.

my little sister is really close to her mock trial team and she is going to junior prom with one guy on the team (who is dating her senior friend) and then this other guy from the team is asking her to senior prom and is going to do a promposal and she says that our mom really likes her mock trial friends and is really excited about prom and i’m kind of mad because my mother has never really approved of my friends because they don’t fit her ivy league standard and because most of them are queer

and then my sister and i got into another discussion about that and she was like “yeah mom thinks bisexual people just want attention” and i’m like yeah wow okay and she’s like “wellllll that sucks” okay thanks for your support sis 

Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.12

Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.12

Rory attends a Kims family wedding with Lane. Lorelai goes on dates with Alex, who is an outdoors-y person. The hostility between Paris and Rory escalates. Lane is trying to get her mother to approve of Dave. Hep Alien (Lane’s band) begins practicing at the Gilmore’s garage. Luke meets Taylor’s lawyer.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in…

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