When your son comes home with his fists clenched and his eyes swollen shut from crying, take notice. Listen to his feet shuffle up the stairs like dead weights that he can’t lift. Be aware of when he slouches, no matter how many times you tell him to sit up straight. Listen as no sounds come from the bathroom, even after hours of him being in the shower. Pay attention to him watching t.v late into the night or spending too much time on his phone because he can’t sleep. Do not ignore the dark circles under his eyes and yell at him to go to bed earlier. Do not be oblivious if his grades start slipping. Do not ignore the empty look inside of his eyes, like two bottomless pits that will never be filled again. When he falls out of his usual habits and becomes too tired to do the things he loves the most in this world, take notice. Do not become angry with him or call him selfish or unloving when he shuts you out. Please, do not be like your parents. Do not make him lock the door behind him.
—  Be the parent yours never was.

Ice Climbers 30th Anniversary - Day 30 - Happy 30th Anniversary!


You may not be the most popular or known characters but gosh darn you still managed to steal my heart and become my all-time-favourite Nintendo characters. It is a shame you had to be cut out from newest smash due to technical limitations. (and only a few months later the more powerful version of the 3DS was released) But we gotta stay positive. Here is’s hoping we don’t need to wait another 30 years to see you two again. Either smashing again in SSB or climbing new mountains in your own game. 

Thank you all for all the support for this art marathon. I really hope you have enjoyed and… WAIT!

There is still one day left in January! And I promised this would be a month full celebration! …. What could I have possibly saved for the last?


I don’t know about you guys… But I am feeling a bit, adventurous. 

О маме

Пасмурная погода за окном лучший товарищ, если весь день проводишь дома. Как-то сильнее ощущается, что кроме как дома этот день по-другому и не провести, с книгой, чьи хрустящие пожелтевшие страницы еще помнят пальцы моей бабушки, когда она читала её еще в молодости; с новым выпуском журнала, где истории прячутся на каждой странице под заголовками, окруженные иллюстрациями и замечательными фотографиями. Лениво сварить кофе, приготовить обед, что-нибудь особенное по сложным рецептам из толстых поваренных книг, а может быть из старых маминых тетрадей, в которые она собирала и записывала рецепты и не только того, что можно сделать на кухне, но и как справиться со многими вещами в жизни, что совсем не кажутся сладким печеньем на первый взгляд. Добрые слова, поддержка в нужные минуты и просто разговоры за жизнь с мамой зимними вечерами согревают не хуже второй чашки ароматного эрл грея за один раз. Луна наливается полным яблоком матового золота, слово за слово бегут разговоры от темы к теме, от сложного к простому, затрагивая все и не касаясь ничего. Есть ли ближе человек, чем мама; как бы порой сложно не складывались отношения, многое стоит забыть и переиграть, ведь кто будет ближе, чем она, кто пройдет через многое, кто сделает все ради нашей безопасности и счастья? Кого мы должны беречь больше всего на свете? К кому спешить домой? По кому скучать и к кому приезжать как можно чаще? К кому, как не к маме? 

Dear Mother,

We lived like we were enemies,
But the same blood runs in our veins.

You were supposed to be there for me,
But when I called, you never came.

I tried so hard to be all that you wanted,
But I cannot be what you didn’t want.

You were supposed to be my protector,
But you attacked from the home front.

I was always on my best behavior,
But my best was never enough.

I still just want to make you proud,
But I know I’ll never be enough.

You told me you didn’t love me,
So what did you expect?

You were supposed to be my mom.
At what point did you forget?

Our instagram week

(1) making a mess after mama spring cleaned // (2) getting into sewing // (3) cold sunny days out with Andrew // (4) the day our heating broke, brrrr // (5) eating her rice crackers // (6) my little minnie mouse // (7) Daisy’s new swimming costume for her holiday // (8) little beauty