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Every now and then, there is some drama about an AAA game "downgrading" the graphics from what initial previews looked like. I can understand doing this for consoles if they can't hit a certain consistent level of performance, but why can't they leave the initial features for people with really fancy PCs?

Imagine this scenario. You’re in charge of a game’s production, and you have to show the in-progress game off at a big trade show like E3. The majority of the game’s content is still being worked on and isn’t ready to be shown, but you do have the one level the team has (mostly) completed that was used to prove out the concept to the publisher executives and get approval for continued funding. The various leads have told you that you have just enough time to get that one level playable for an E3 demo, but you’re also worried that you need to get enough attention at the show because the executives are watching carefully to see what kind of reception the game will get.

What do you do? Your continued funding might depend on how well the game shows at E3, but you haven’t yet actually built anything that’s full production quality yet. Now you’ve got all this pressure to deliver something that will garner enough buzz at the show and reassure the publishers. You raise a call to arms and everybody rolls up their sleeves and starts working. Your engineers work like crazy to stabilize that level and make it playable, your artists crunch to build production-quality visuals with buggy half-finished tools that crash all the time, and your designers iterate like crazy to make sure everything works without needing too much additional context. After a couple of 80 hour weeks, you manage to cobble something together that looks good and holds together for the couple of minutes needed to demonstrate the game to the press and/or investors at E3.

Let’s suppose that everything turns out a (modest) success. E3 comes and your game shows well. You have a couple of near-catastrophes in showing your game, and tightly control who gets to play with it, but your game gets picked up by the news, and things look pretty good! People are talking about how great it looks and how they want to see more. The publishers are pleased that the game showed well, and you get the subtle feeling of relief that you aren’t going to get cancelled in production. You can breathe a sigh of relief before you get back to the studio to take stock of your actual situation. Your leads come up for the next milestone planning meeting and give you the prognosis.

The engineers tell you that the visual effects and high res textures that can run on supercharged development hardware won’t run very well on your lead platform. It went ok with the demo level because people are always more forgiving for an in-progress game, but the big climactic battle scene that was planned will drop the frame rate to 15 at most with that level of detail on your lead platform, and the best they can squeeze out of it is 30 frames per second at best. The artists tell you that, even with improved tools and stability, they learned that it will take significantly longer to create the assets to the quality level of the demo than previously thought… also, they won’t work in any other lighting mode, so you’re going to need at least two of each effect for day/night cycles, and it’s going to require more tools engineers to improve the turnaround time. You take a long, hard look at the schedule and you realize that you either need a lot more people or a lot more time, and you know you’ve got neither. The deadline is only so many months away, and you’ve just assured the publishers that you’re on schedule.

So… why can’t they just leave in the better visuals for the high end PC players, even if the consoles can’t handle it? Usually it’s because the majority of assets just aren’t built with those specifications in mind. Most of the game systems are constructed to be used with those kinds of assets. That’s why getting HD versions of old games are never as good as remakes or new games - the old technology simply wasn’t built for it, so there’s only so much you can do.  Sometimes the remnants of the experimental shaders and visual effects are included in the game’s data - mostly because we’re afraid of stability issues caused by taking data out, and would rather simply lock them off and make them mostly inaccessible without modding your game. Most of the time they aren’t optimized because they didn’t need to be - they were built to run only in very controlled environments and circumstances on extremely beefy development machines. And even then, they’d really only be tailored to work for one specific route in one specific level that may not even remain the same (or even be in the game at all) by ship time. Ultimately, it’s usually just a question of providing a consistent experience to the player, and having one level look really good if played a certain way just isn’t worth sacrificing that consistency.

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Is college the same as high school-it looks good to be involved in some extra curricular or club or whatever?

When it comes to college, extra curricular activities look great not just because they show you getting involved, but because they can help you get some valuable job skills and experience to add to your mostly (or completely) empty resume. They’re also a great way to make new friends on campus who share similar interests.

Don’t join a club just to put down the name on your resume or an application—do it because you’re interested and want to hang with other people who are also interested. Do it because you want to learn something.

my name is paolo ippoliti, i live and work in italy, at least right now. i am mainly a documentary photographer, with emphasis on portraiture, and i occasionally shoot fashion. i have recently started working with a team of professionals, documenting backstage actions during photoshootings: it is my ideal dimension, as i am able to steal a quantity of candid shots, mostly remaining completely unnoticed; like shooting in the streets, catching the moments but recording the work and glamour behind fashion shots.

this picture was captured during one of those sessions. it portrays, left to right, model martina alessandrini, photographer laura lovreglio and stylist denise valeri doing their thing. i was happy to snap this. i keep thinking of photography as a game against time, where we snatch, if we are lucky, maybe just 1/4000th of a second out of its monumental body as it flies away carrying us alongside.

you can see the rest of my work at you’ll find links to my other web offsprings in there. i’ve been off the public net for almost a decade and came back to a completely different scenario, and i still have to understand how to move properly in it. photography is a side hustle for me, my daily job steals most of my time, and the free snippets i get end up being dedicated to shooting and developing. so i update maybe infrequently and in waves.

thanks for your attention.

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does choclate exist in the star wars verse? do you think chewie has a stash of chocolate in the falcon for leia? do you think han once found the stash and was like what is this i want some and chewie comes out of nowhere and bops him on the head like /no you idiot those arent for you, unless youre dying, bleeding or in constant pain/ and idk i feel like chewie is the Mom Friend who carries a bag of snacks everywhere. and threatens to fight people.

CHOCOLATE MOST DEFINITELY EXISTS BECAUSE LUKE SKYWALKER IS HOT CHOCOLATE TRASH I mean mostly we completely over-exaggerate Luke’s enamorment (that’ not a word but IIII don’t care) with the phenomenon that is hot chocolate but YES, CHOCOLATE EXISTS.

And I feel like it was Seren who had, before, hypothesized that Chewie definitely one hundred percent is the first one to notice when Leia’s on her period (I mean Momishness aside he’s got a damn fine sense of smell) and needs space and in the trio’s early days he’s always there with blankets and hotpacks and, of course, the stash of chocolate you mentioned. 

And he’s always like bopping the boys gently on the head for not getting it and mostly at first they’re confused (for the first little while) until they both essentially get used to living with a woman and then it’s fine and they’re all good about making sure she’s comfortable when she’s on her period, especially on-board the Falcon. 

But Chewie’s the best at it, and always lets her snuggle against him if she needs it. 

THOUGH GOSH I mean Chewie’s just like, Julie Andrews with a crossbow this is basically canon, always looking out for his kids like always making sure Han has clean shirts and is getting enough sleep, and keeping Leia’s favorite tea in the Falcon’s cupboards and darning Luke’s socks when they get old and full of holes.

And ofc there are person-specific snacks stashed everywhere, because Chewie knows from experience that he himself will get irritable when hungry, and Leia definitely gets irritable when hungry, so it’s always a good call.

(Han and Luke are mostly always ready to eat anything so it’s just overall a win-win situation.)

May 19 - Fanart Friday! (except it isn’t actually Friday, but I really needed to get this out of my system)

Heeeeey, so, doing this week’s Fanart Friday on a Tuesday because HOLY CRAP, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD WAS AMAZING.

I loved literally everything about it, and I listened to the soundtrack for it while doing this quick fanart. I am STILL on an adrenaline high after seeing it for the second time yesterday night.

Do you like:

  • Insane visuals. 
  • Car crashes.
  • Basically live action Borderlands
  • Charlize Motherfucking Theron kicking all of the ass ever with her robot arm.
  • INSANE VISUALS. Did I mention that this movie was mostly practical effects, completely functional murderwagons and an honest to god guitar that plays and shoots fire????
  • Super feminist themes and camera work and writing. Also a named female cast that outnumbers the named male cast.
  • Minimal dialogue and verbal exposition BUT such a fleshed out environment and solid piece of worldbuilding that it does all the work and doesn’t waste any time explaining anything to you. Same goes with characters–some people only have like 4 or 5 lines the whole damn movie and I STILL came out of it feeling like everyone was uniquely fleshed out and that I knew everything about them.
  • War Rig (charlize’s truck) felt like an actual living breathing character that I worried for about as much as I worried for all of the actual characters somehow???? 

If any or all of those appeal to you, GO SEE IT ASAP!!!

See my Fanart Friday tag!

The difference between Facebook and Tumblr for me right now:

Facebook:  Family, close friends, old school mates.  Can’t post whatever I want for fear of being talked about behind my back.

Tumblr:  Thousands of complete strangers (mostly).  Post whatever I want because they can unfollow me without feeling like my heart is being ripped out and stomped on.


The head is now complete! Well, mostly. I had to order the right eyes for her (they’re supposed to be orange), so when they come, I’m going to fix them, and then sew on some kind of eyelid. Then I’ll finish the hair in the front! Until then, I’m going to have so much fun sewing on the spots on her body.

Isn’t she so cute and derpy? I love her!

I might share the pattern eventually. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to or not, I used a paid pattern as a base, along with a free pattern from the horns. So I’m not sure if I have to get permission from the creators for it or not. Plus, it’ll be hard to write a pattern for how to sew things on, because I mostly sewed it on without writing it down or having a guide, other than screenshots.

And! I might make more in the future and give them out to people. I might! I’m not sure yet.

But she so cute, I just love her!

I think I want to organize StingYu day again in the ending of June…last year it was at the ending of July but I don’t think that would be good for me this time around. I’m willing to celebrate this alone but if anyone is seriously interested in participating let me know, I’ll post an official banner.

 On another note, I don’t even know what happened to the StingYu Week blog, nothing was even reblogged…the blog was simply abandoned.

[I still want to finish up some StingYu week prompts: Scars and Apology…maybe I’ll do it for StingYu Day]

I’ll probably try to make another StingYu amv for StingYu Day which I’m glad to say the amv I made for StingYu week has been very successful.


ugh lukeroberth completely slayed in her 6 selfies post and should not have tagged anyone else bc l b r no one can live up to her post but she tagged me so i will complete this mostly just so i can post that picture with dod again like that’s honestly my only reason for doing this 

Reasons to watch Switched at Birth.

1: Interesting story line
2: Deaf characters played by actual deaf actors(not very common and not doing so often leaves deaf actors without jobs)
3: Deaf characters are not marginalized but are treated as equals whilst also showing the prejudices they face
4: Diverse main families (Latina and white, both daughters are white)
5: It’s just really good imo 6: ASL is mostly/completely accurate from what I’ve read which is also sadly, not very common 7: It deals with alcoholism and addiction as a very serious topic a bit later and doesn’t brush it off as a joke in any way 8: There is slight mention of an LGBT character without making her whole characters story revolve around that 9: slowly it seems that more and more diverse people are being added into the show