Rearrange these fancy coloured coke cans into whatever order you please.

Santa update

I met J and Wy and the line for Santa at this monstrous mall was legit just three of us. Wy rocked his cute Santa’s helper shirt and he smiled so big. J and I were super proud.

And to top off a quick and painless photo session, we stood in line in Starbucks, standing right behind the one and only figure skater, Johnny Weir!

I mean, I KNEW it was him because who else wears a black fur coat (no lie) skinny jeans with leather fronts, old school Nikes and a large Chanel bag?? Only Johnny. And he rocked it all. He has great eyelashes. He said hello to Wy and I while waiting in line (J was in the bathroom).

He also had a hot pink and gold phone. I wanted to be his BFF immediately. The cute young gay guy behind me stealthily took a zillion pics on his phone of Johnny. They conversed at the sugar/milk counter.

What a fun little afternoon jaunt (complete with caffeine and a famous skater and all).