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 On February 2nd 2014, Bruno Mars headlined the Superbowl Halftime show XLVIII in Rutherford, New Jersey. He performed a few of his hit songs and was later joined by his special guest, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Halftime show itself was watched more than the game and Bruno attracted a record breaking 115.3 million viewers, beating Madonna who had previously brought in 114 million viewers. Being just 28 years old at the time, Bruno made history as the first Superbowl halftime headlined by a performer under 30 years old and of Puerto Rican descent.

His electrifying 12 minute performance and world record breaking achievements also landed him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records in the category - Largest TV Audience for a Superbowl halftime performance.

Hello uwu I finally reached my goal of 1k so hopefully giveaway soon or idek I’m broke af but I’m rich in memes dAMN THIS GRAPHIC ThO SMOKE WEED

Bolded are my mutuals and italicized are my favorite bloggers who I reblog from most or rather enjoy their dash presence the most but I only follow like 300 people that’s not that much and i love you all ok 

Let’s get meme’n

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Hello! I never knew there's a whole community of people so passionate about studying here on Tumblr. So glad I found yours! Do you have any Tumblr recommendations you would suggest, that are similar to your blog? :)


Well, it is very difficult to recommend blogs similar to my own. Since every blog is special in their own way. And, they probably belong to more than one fandom…

But, I’ll just name you some studyblrs. There are many more excellent ones. If you ever need more studyblr, just find one studyblr and most likely whoever they reblog from is a studyblr.










Best of Luck.

January Wrap-Up

The new heading font is so weiiiiiird. Hugs & soulful gazes to axint00, thisisthestuffthatilike, nightrose75, and unlawful-waffle for the most likes & reblogs in the last month. And holy cow there are a lot of new followers. HI. <3

{ Fics }

The Flock
Entry for the Supernatural Reverse Bang, with art by quickreaver. Psychological horror; gen (no on-page D/C); 11k; rated teen. 

{ Ficlets }

These are all so fluffy, I feel like I should apologize. 

Dean after the dentist with Sam and Cas at the bunker FLUFF, Dean/Cas, 1k

Cas bakes pie for Dean (posted in honor of Dean’s birthday) Dean/Cas, 1.3k

Dean is jealous of Cas and Sam & also there are gerbils Dean/Cas, 1.2k

High school AU where Cas is Dean’s tutor Dean/Cas, 1.6k

Truth Spell part two (part one is here), Dean/Cas

{ Snippets }

Stonehenge Apocalpyse crossover snippet 1 & snippet 2 & my dialogue notes + handwriting (twitter)

A few people have messaged to ask when this is posting. I still have two pages of outline to write out, and then it has to go through beta, so it will be a bit.

{ Miscellaneous }

People voted on a Fireflies timestamp

AU where airlines are a demon conspiracy and Sammy’s gotta take ‘em down (on twitter)

Tangled Fandom Resurrection Button Artwork Contest!

Hello everyone! My name is Ellie, but you all know me best as forever-tangledup! If you haven’t watched my video explaining the Tangled Fandom Resurrection and this contest, I suggest you do!

This is an art contest to determine what image will be used on the Tangled Fandom Resurrection buttons, and warn by people all over the world! The contest runs from February 1st to February 21st. During this time, you can submit your designs to me here! It doesn’t matter if you drew the picture yesterday, or three years ago, as long as it is YOURS, it will be considered! Also, if you want to submit more than one design, that’ll be okay too!

All the entries will be posted on February 22nd, and you can vote on your favorite from then until February 28th! Whichever design gets the most likes/reblogs will be the winner! 

The guidelines are simple. No NSFW content, because these buttons will be worn by people in public; don’t use other people’s designs; and please, only submit relevant designs. What I mean is, no not Tangled art please! Now, prizes!

The Grand Prize:

- Your design will be used on all Tangled Fandom Resurrection buttons!

- You will get 1 button for yourself, and 10 others to give to whomever you want for free!

- $25 dollars worth of any Disney merch of your choosing (can be from the Disneystore, Hot Topic, Hallmark, etc.)!

The Two Runners-Up:

- Each runner-up will get 1 item of Disney merchandise of their choosing that is at or under $15 dollars!

I don’t know how many designs I’ll actually get, but please, just have fun and do your best! I’m hoping that even if I get no designs, this will still help bring the fandom closer together! :3

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Hey, I'm pretty new here and reblog most things to my personal (pampooveyhr). With the Cyril situation I feel like he also acts 'nice' bc he gives the vibe that's he's superior to archer because he's nice and he feels like archer only cares (pt 1)

(pt 2) about AJ and Lana because he (archer) only cares about getting with her again. Idk I feel like Cyril projects his problems on everyone else and hates those parts about ppl because he hates himself? That’s just some vibes I’ve been getting

btw pampooveyhr is an amazing url

Yes I agree! That’s totally how Cyril feels! He is so obsessed with Lana and will take every opportunity to swoop in where Archer screws up. But Archer is learning how to be, well, a functioning human being and he is going to screw up a lot, but he is still trying. And the fact that Cyril keeps bouncing in as ‘Archer’s Replacement’ for Lana is just majorly fucked up.

Archer and Lana have this really screwed up connection, but a connection nonetheless. They’re like… tethered. Lana is a big girl, she knows what she got herself into when she told Archer that he was AJ’s father, and thankfully Archer decided to step up for the most part after a weird grieving period for his up-to-then childless ife.

Cyril is not AJ’s father. He is not Lana’s husband or even boyfriend. If he had no bad intentions and honestly just wanted to help out a friend and her child, that would be fine. But no, he was only nice to Lana to get into her panties once again, which is really really fucking dumb since they have proven twice now that they are not compatable in the slightest as a couple. Cyril doesn’t trust Lana one bit, he uses her as a trophy and sex object (taking her home to show off to his dad, rubbing her “big brown boobs” in his face, wtf), not to mention the constant cheating. OH and getting a hooker pregnant because he used a candy bar wrapper instead of a condom while he was still dating Lana. Even the hooker called him out on that.

I feel I could write a whole essay on Cyril Figgis: Ultimate Fuckboy and Human Disaster.

lightblinde replied to your post

“lightblinde replied to your post “did you ever see that “most popular…”

there we are

  1. get better taste in shows
  2. get better taste in shows
  3. RPF = sorry no thanks
  4. didn’t watch it
  6. didn’t watch it
  7. RPF = sorry no thanks
  8. lmao this ship’s horrific fanbase was the first step to me absolutely hating the series now
  9. RPF = sorry no thanks
  11. i’d say i ship this just to spite 8’s fans but no i still fucking hate the series
  12. didn’t watch it
  13. didn’t watch it
  14. didn’t watch it + is that show still fucking on? why
  15. RPF = sorry no thanks
  16. well, RPF, but yeah they’re at least a married couple so fine
  18. didn’t watch it
  19. RPF = sorry no thanks
  20. didn’t watch it

so, two pairings out of twenty that i’m even remotely okay with. also, jfc why is there so much RPF on this list. i know bands are kind of an RPF gray area, but still…

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3, 4, 7 and 13 please :)

Thank you, lovely anon! <3

3. who is your best tumblr friend(s)?
hmmmmmm … :S this is a hard question. I think one of my best friends is my first friend, 901allons-y, but she doesn’t go on much anymore. I have a lot of people I’d consider really close friends, but I’m not sure what they’d consider me, so I’m not sure! :S eep!

4. which blogs are “your most liked and reblogged blogs”?

rosalinetti, undeadpr0phet, feliicitysmoaks, dreamsthroughthenoise, allerasphinx, ignify, sunshineashtn, warriorcarols, lostin-neverland

7. Favorite blog(s)?
oh no. nope. !

13. Which blogs are your biggest fans?
justforthejoyofit, kim-morgan-james, undeadpr0phet, queenoffemslash 

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hello do you by any chance know any blogs who will reblog posts for you?

I reblog most of what people tag me in, so I guess me. And almost anyone would love to be tagged in things, especially if it’s to their liking.

Or do you mean blogsitting? If so, then I don’t know any.

tolkien-tardis-trenchcoat asked:

Sorry I have another question! What are your pet's names? And could you maybe possibly post a picture of them? :) did you know according to my stats you areone of the people I reblog most from!

Oh my gosh that’s awesome!  We need to be besties!

Okay so picture time!

This is Sweet Pea

This is my baby Roofus playing cards with us and my other puppy in the background!

And this is my best friend and sassiest pup of all Maggie!

I even included my all time favorite picture of Maggie and me!

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4, 9

  • 4:(truth) What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you? (dare) Post the oldest selfie on your camera roll.


It’s my Kiba cosplay, don’t judge me…

  • 9:(truth) How did you meet your best friend? (dare) Refresh your dashboard. Open the blog of the person who posted whatever’s at the top of your dash. Reblog their most recent selfie.


I remember it well… I was a hot summer day, or was it spring…? Somewhere between spring and summer, when Worgen started following me. Back in the day, I wasn’t that well-known, so I checked out ever follower to see if they were worth following back. And she was. And when I did, she posted a textpost about how happy she was that one of her senpais started following her back. I replied to that again and we started talking like that. And from it came a beautiful friendship where I irritate Worgen and she calls me names. But we love each other~ The end


Most Reblogged Ships

Ship: (noun) Short for “relationship,” an imagined romantic pairing of two people, fictional or otherwise.

  1. Destiel
    Dean Winchester & Castiel
  2. Johnlock
    John Watson & Sherlock Holmes
  3. Larry Stylinson
    Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson
    One Direction
  4. Captain Swan
    Captain Hook & Emma Swan
    Once Upon a Time
  5. Ereri
    Eren Jaeger & Levi Ackerman
    Attack on Titan
  6. Sterek
    Stiles Stilinski & Derek Hale
    Teen Wolf
  7. Troyler
    Troye Sivan & Tyler Oakley
  8. MakoHaru
    Makoto Tachibana & Haruka Nanase
  9. Narry
    Harry Styles & Niall Horan
    One Direction
  10. JeanMarco
    Jean Kirstein & Marco Bott
    Attack on Titan
  11. HaruRin
    Haruka Nanase & Rin Matsuoka
  12. Delena
    Damon Salvatore & Elena Gilbert
    The Vampire Diaries
  13. Stydia
    Stiles Stilinski & Lydia Martin
    Teen Wolf
  14. Klaine
    Kurt Hummel & Blaine Anderson
  15. Ziam
    Zayn Malik & Liam Payne
    One Direction
  16. Kimye
    Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
    America’s Sweethearts
  17. Stucky
    Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  18. Olicity
    Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak
  19. Dan and Phil
    danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil
  20. Swan Queen
    Regina Mills & Emma Swan
    Once Upon a Time