Trollish Music

((For added effect, listen to this as you read… or any Troll soundtrack.))

You wanna hear about Trollish music? First, yuh need to know dat de topic is far too vast for me to cover everyt'ing, so I go jus’ give a brief rundown. An’ even den, it be real plenty.

Every tribe be lovin’ music. Sure, yuh know about de Darkspear. Yuh might even know about de Amani an’ Gurubashi, but from de progenitor Zandalari and de desert Sandfury to de undead Mossflayer an’ vicious Drakkari… dere ain’t a single tribe out dere dat don’t play instruments an’ dance. Not one.

Come, come! I go tell yuh real plenty!

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myrrde asked:

For Ere: 8, 24, 29, 40, 52 aaaand 57.

(omygosh so many!)

8: What are some of your OCs strengths? 

Ere’alor is very good at handling kids and animals and is overall a very nice person.  When they find out that they’re sort-of an incarnation of Jan’alai (haven’t quite worked out the kinks for this backstory) their strengths become in line with a fire-shaman mixed with a hunter.

24: What does your OC smell like?

Before bathing, a bit like a combination of a barn and a swamp.  After bathing, they smell a bit like a garden does; very earthy mixed with plant smells.

29: Can your OC swim?

In the Plaguelands most of the rivers and ponds were contaminated which made the water unsafe to swim in so Ere never had an opportunity to learn.  After a lengthy and slightly embarrassing practice session Ere learned to swim just fine.

40: What is the craziest thing your OC has done?

During Cataclysm, Ere was left behind in Durotar while Beatrix and Weia went on adventures in the Firelands, so Ere went up to a Horde soldier and said, “can ya take meh to Hyjal?” and that was how Ere’alor accidentally enlisted in the Horde Military.

52: How does your OC feel about insects?

Ere loves them!  Insects were the primary food source in the Plaguelands so Ere doesn’t view them as disgusting but at the same time grew to be sick of only eating bugs day after day.  Once Ere got a taste of the non-bug food of the outside world, they decided to instead play with the insects and treats them like people typically treat cats (though Ere also likes cats).

57: Would you call your OC adventurous?

Oh, hell no.  Ere’alor does enjoy seeing the world with Beatrix, but they would absolutely not go outside of Durotar (maybe the Barrens and Mulgore) of their own volition. 


Dese photosnaps be taken in de settlements of de Amani, Shadowpine, Revantusk, Vilebranch, Widdahbark, Mossflayer, Firetree an’ Smoldert'orn. More instruments an’ dance. Ah cannot stress how important music be! Even as dey are under siege in de Blackrock Spire or fall to undeat’, de Trolls still cling to dey instruments.


These screenshots were taken by me in the World of Warcraft.

This is a supplementary photo post to go along with this article on Trollish music.

Making a Troll OC. Woot.

In addition to my Forsaken/Worgen DK (who now has the name Beatrix and is sort-of a time traveler), I’m also making a Troll OC, but this is a lot more difficult since I’m trying to have him come from a heavily established culture that isn’t inspired by general european fantasy stuff.  What I’ve worked out is that he’s a shy and protective 14-year-old Mossflayer who escaped from Zul'Mashar after the Plague turned his dad into an undead and joined Weia and Beatrix on their adventure.  What I haven’t figured out is everything else.  I have no idea how I should have him talk, or what a proper Amani/Mossflayer name would be, or if he would have any particular mannerisms or even what his basic skill-set should be.  I don’t want him to be a generic barbarian or noble savage (this is already iffy since my planned story already feels a bit too much like a white savior thing, working to correct that).  Like Beatrix, I’m not going to use him in the game, just have him for rp stuff.  Anyone who has a troll, I would really love some pointers or maybe some place I could look for a more in-depth rp guide (I’ve been using WoWWiki and it’s been lacking)?