Outstanding Compositions

You might be familiar with Moshik Nadav’s experimental typographic work or seen his ‘Paris’ display typeface. I’ve posted some of his work before and it is certainly no stranger to Behance’s Typography Served gallery. However I missed this design until spotting it in Jan Middendorp’s excellent book ‘Shaping Text’.

The son of a graphic design and calligraphy artist, Moshik, an Israeli designer was just 10 when he first got a mac (an IISi) with Photoshop & Freehand installed.

This, a student piece, for a fictional Tel Aviv based typography magazine, features these constructivist-style black and red bars set against an off-white paper, creating a great effect. The white space combined with the dynamic photographic elements make for a fantastic layout.

“Tel Aviv is a non stop city that have attractions around the clock. I used that fact and I created a magazine that gives the reader the best attractions that happen in the city. The reader can find his attraction by the hour of the day and by that, he can see what day the attractions is occurs. The Magazine was printed on a News Paper in broadsheet size (spreads: 81×57 cm).” Moshik Nadav on Tumblr.

3 years since I designed this lower case “g” I still getting exited of it. Get Paris Typeface on: #paristypeface #typography #moshik #moshik #vogue #elle #fashion #hot #ampersand #lowercaseg #font #fonts #nyc #paris #love #model #type #typo #behance #customfonts #customtypeface #moshiknadavtypography

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3 tv shows: empire!!!!!!!!!!! zaguri imperia!!!!!!! steven universe!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 foods: halva (i ate 1/2 of a barakeh tub yesterday night i m dying), vegan harira soup from hamarakiya, oreos, tomato salad, pasta salad w/ chickpeas

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