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Hillary’s Terrorist Ties Exposed As Former Muslim Employee Sentenced To Life

With the Democratic Party presidential candidate ticket remaining fairly stagnant and unarguably unimpressive, most Democrats believe that Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton is a shoo-in for president. Still, her short list of accomplishments, such as being a woman and…


Who the actual heck is this 12-year-old. 

This video’s been going viral but in case you haven’t seen it….

an Egyptian 12-year-old does a better job of explaining the Egyptian conflict & reasons behind it than the entire press corps combined. 

BREAKING: Egypt President Morsi overthrown

Today, after four days of massive demonstrations and deadly violence across the nation of Egypt, the Armed Forces declared the ouster of President Morsi. General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, General of the Egypt Army (shown above), dissolved the Constitution and called for early Presidential elections and forming of a national coalition government. The High Constitutional Court head will be in charge of the country until the Presidential elections. It is not yet known when these elections will be held.

L'amore non è fatto solo da 10mila ti amo al secondo, da nomignoli tutti dolciosi tipo ‘amorino’ 'zuccherino’ 'orsettino’. Si, c'è bisogno di questo anche nell'amore, ma l'amore vero è fatto da insulti su insulti, da vaffanculo, da litigate, da giochi stupidi fatti in momenti di noia, da coccole e carezze, da baci e morsi, da smorfie e solletico. L'amore è vero, puro amore quando oltre al romanticismo c'è la complicità, quella cosa che ti suggerisce che siete un'unica sola cosa. Che vi completate a vicenda.