Inktober #11-20

11:  Wonder Woman, based on Marguerite Sauvage’s excellent art from Sensation Comics chp. 7

12:  Lethal League fanart. Fun game!

13:  Morrigan.

14:  Mi-go vs. Elder Thing

15:  Original character, Fallout 

16:  Fallout saving Blackbody from a “Hator Gator” XD

17:  Velvet. Been too long since my last Odin Sphere fanart hehe

18:  A basilisk, for sketch dailies

19:  Ridley vs. Samus ! Kinda funny now to know of his fate in Smash now lol

20:  Original character, oni schoolgirls, Maki being hassled by fitness-obsessed / oddly confrontational ruffian oni, Kana.


Flemeth once told me that temptation lies in the forbidden. ‘Do not follow me,’ I said. Harder words I have never spoken. Some doors should never be re-opened.”

— Morrigan, Witch of the Wilds

As mysterious as her mother, no less fickle - and if not more powerful - certainly more entrancing. A Witch of the Wilds who aided the Warden-Commander during the Fifth Blight, her purpose and motives then were as shrouded as her mysterious disappearance after the death of the Archdemon. It is rumored that her intervention allowed Urthemiel to be slain without any of the Wardens forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. By what means she defied this and for what purpose, one can only speculate.

It is said she has reappeared in Orlais and has inserted herself into the Imperial court. How she has found favor among the nobility and royalty as an apostate only adds to her intrigue. One thing seems certain: Change - both benevolent and malevolent, miniscule and grand, great and terrible - follow closely in her wake.

Excerpt from Notable Figures of the Dragon Age, by Oresia Val’Tess, Historian