royalvanilla said:

21 and 46 ^-^~

21: Whats your least favorite movie?

Twilight ! Cheesy and boring .

46: Are you afraid of heights?

YES ! but I want to bungee jump to come over it :D

Thank You <3 


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1. Have you ever tried to do a cover (singing or dancing) ? And if it yes witch was the song and result
yeah i do, i singing exo - history and i think i have a beautiful voice *just joking XD*
also i tried to dancing with song from kara - steep up and i doing very well :P

2. Favourite Korean Drama ?
umm .. Dream high s2 & Heartstrings i love these two drama very much ♥

3. Ultimate Bias ?
Luhan & Kai ♥

4. Do you listen to more kpop male group or female ?
I listened to these two, but i think the better is male group !
i don’t know why but i love the male voice more in kpop than female voice

5. Wicth kpop group would you like to see live ?
umm .. i have many group i want to seeing them in the live
but if i have to pick only one then i will choose Exo group !!!
cuz i really love them so much and i wish i can see them in the live and tell them how much i love you guys ;A; !

6. If you cloud met one kpop idol who would you choose ?
awww it’s so hard to choose ;_; i think i should choose Luhan oppa cuz he’s my cute baby idol ♥v♥

7. Top 5 kpop group ?
girls or boys group ? .. plz be specific if you want girls or boys group ^^”

Hmm then .. girls group :
1. Fx
2. Snsd - Girls generation
3. Kara
4. 4minute
5. T-ara

boys group :
1. Exo
2. Nu’est
3. Boyfriend
4. shinhwa
5. Super junior & Shinee

8. Do you have any friend at yoyr school/class who likes kpop ?
yeah i have many friends who likes kpop in my school and in my class too ^^
it’s made me happy when i spoke with them about kpop :) !

9. Have you ever had been in South Korea ?
No :( !!! i want go there in the future

10. Have you ever had a boyfriend ?
No I didn’t have, and I don’t need to one :)

11. Do you have any pets ?
yeah i have one! it’s a cat and her name is pussycat
i love her so much, she’s makes my life better ^^

" My questions ;) "

1. Favourite voices in kpop ?
2. Last song you listened ?
3. how old are you ?
4. Are you falling in love with someone ?
5. Who is your bias and why do you like him/her ?
6. why do you like kpop ?
7. What’s your favorite food ?
8. Top 5 friends on tumblr ?
9. Favorite color ?
10. Top 5 members in any boys/girls group you like ?
11. Member you want to be best friends with ?

royalvanilla said:

you are so cute what's your secret ? tell me tell me tell me ʘ‿ʘ

i knoooow right i’m so cute *laughs cutely* that’s because i lub suho oppa and i lub krystal unnie hehehehehehehe (◕‿◕✿)

lmfao morooooooj you’re the cute one tho tbh <3

royalvanilla said:

"we yeheted with you and kkaebsonged with you" this part was so funny and cute lol lol xD and as always your edits are one of the best ~

awwwwwwww babyyy you’re the cutest okAY ♡♡ thank you so much I LOVE YOUUU *SQUEEZES YOU*