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moroccan-style plaque cookie cutters by printmeneer

printmeneer is my go-to for 3D-printed cookie cutters on etsy. no joke :) they have a TON of styles and shapes, from literal (cars, ice cream cones, animals) to abstract, like this plaque-shaped, mororcco-inspired plaque, which is available in two different sizes.

The preparation on this specimen of the trilobite Metacanthina issoumourensis is simply spectacular. All of the surrounding matrix and much of the matrix underneath the trilobite has been removed so that it “flies” on a pedestal of rock. Only the most skilled preparitors can do this type of work, and it requires dozens of hours of work under microscope where even the most minute mistake can spell disaster.  Just added for sale at

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top tips when travelling to Marrakech | | ✨🐪✌️

1: speak with love, kindness and respect. Especially in the medina - give them a chance and be lovely,

2: have fun with the locals, they will want to be engaged in your culture and your background, so give them a chance.

3: dress appropriately. even though it’s hot and you want to bare some skin - you can but not sooo much love.

4: eat! Eat all you can, from the tagines, to the Cous Cous, to the soups and the fishes. Try and be outgoing, don’t just go for the burgers and the chips. The food is good and safe but just be careful where you go.

5: explore and go on an adventure. Visit the places that aren’t in the books. Try and see the locals, engage and involve yourself.

Morocco is such a kind, beautiful, warm hearted country, so enjoy and be gracious. ✨✨🐪

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Top 10 Marrakech Riads

Mixing Moroccan culture and history with modern comfort, Marrakech’s atmospheric riads are often the highlight of a trip to this bustling, magical city. Steeped in tradition, these architectural gems with their sumptuous decors and charming, exotic courtyards will make you want to stay forever. Here’s a list with 10 of the best and most spectacular Marrakech riads:

  1. Riad Star
  2. Riyad El Cadi
  3. Maison MK
  4. Dar Les Cigognes
  5. Riad Joya
  6. Riad Jaaneman
  7. La Maison Rouge
  8. P’tit Habibi
  9. La Pause
  10. Riad Chayma