Every group of Mormons has the following folks represented
  • The Queen:Probably brunette. Easily the best looking one and is probably very good at some sort of musical thing. Also seems to be the best at mormon fashion.
  • The Missionary:Brings non members to mormon events all the time. Enjoys telling other people about the gospel unsolicited and is your go-to guy when you want to hear some random church history.
  • The "Best":This person is a model mormon. They are immaculately clean in speech and thought 24/7, have memorized more scripture than you ever could hope to, and if they're a girl, they finished personal progress by the time they were a Mia Maid. Not very fashionable. Majority of their social media updates are Mormon things.
  • The Cool Kid:This person is technically Mormon but doesn't really act like it and avoids their fellow Mormons whenever possible. Probably plays iPhone games throughout general conference.
  • and finally, The Dream:Popular, talented, and an excellent Mormon to boot, this kid is probably the pride and joy of the whole stake. They're so charming and witty that all their non member friends agree to go to church with them. Has probably converted someone just by being who they are. They are the Beyoncé of Mormons. These people are who we all aspire to be/kiss, but know we never can, because try as we might, you can't be Beyoncé.

This is the most accurate video in the history of ever.