No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear; till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done.
—  Joseph Smith

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Come back to reality

Posting truth, facts and actual quotes from LDS leaders is not hate. Just because a person does not comprehend them, agree with them or is unwilling to learn about them does not constitute persecution.

If I say “Joseph Smith was brought to trial for the con of being a treasure seeker before he started the LDS church” it is not hate speech, it is fact with evidence.

on-wax-wings asked:

Hey, I have a friend who was raised lds and has recently come out of the closet and I was just wondering how you stay strong in your faith? Or just any general advice on how to help him remember that his heavenly father loves him?

I’ve answered some other asks before about general advice and stuff living as a gay Mormon; take a gander here, here, or here.

It took me what was more or less a spiritual club over the head to finally realize the sheer magnitude of Heavenly Father’s love for me personally. That being said, there’s a lot of power in the simple truths of the gospel. We are all children of God. As He is perfect and is our Father, it follows that He is a perfect Father, and so can’t do anything but love us. His love is not contingent on our personal righteousness, nor on our attractions. His love is eternal and perfect. 

Jesus Christ is no different in that regard. He experienced not only all of our sins, but also all of our heartache, pain, torment, temptation, and misery. He knows keenly what we feel. As the scriptures say, we are engraven upon His hands and feet. He took all of that on Himself out of that love for us. And because of that, He knows perfectly how to comfort us.

Sometimes we may feel unworthy, or lost, or broken. Maybe we are. But that will not and cannot stop Heavenly Father from loving us.

I know a lot of this sounds all over the place, and everything else probably sounds like it might have been ripped from a lesson manual (I would know, being a teacher for Elders’ Quorum and Sunday School), but it really is true. The best way to know for yourself, though, is through personal prayer. I don’t mean the trite kind we often find ourselves repeating just so we can say that we’ve prayed. I mean the kind of prayer that feels like you’re having a conversation with Heavenly Father. Unload. Vent. Ask questions. But then listen. That’s when you really feel the Spirit and start getting answers, and really getting closer to Heavenly Father and feeling that infinite love.

I hope this helps your friend. c:

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Why would you waste your time so much? The only thing you're getting from all of this is making yourself look like a crazy psychopathic guy.

Because being normal sucks…Honestly though, I know for a fact I have helped at least 1 marriage become closer together. I have been able to help relieve numbers from their shackles of guilt. I know you probably think I am an ass but I think I have a noble cause.

I have been through the church trying to break up my marriage, I hope to intercede in others having to go through it.

I have been taught how to sin by the church and made to feel guilty for it by the church, I hope to intercede in others having to deal with it. 

I have watched family and friends struggle financially because of tithing while the church wastes that money on the trivial. I have to step in and bail them out. I am going to put a dent in it.

I see an organization that talks the talk of Jesus but doesn’t walk the walk of Jesus. I am here to make it clear, it is not what it says it is.

Thank you anon   

First prize goes to someone with a good suggestion as to how to get over those speed bumps in Scripture. You know.. the 2 Nephi bumps.. Or the end-of-Alma bumps. The bumps that are almost purely war or prophetic narrative, in which you lose the plot ~2 pages after reading it, and have felt like you’ve learned nothing for weeks.

Yeah, some suggestions would be killer. Thanks. 

My mind is just really blown right now. This guy I used to go to school with was a devoted mormon… like holy shit man.. he was just so into church. .. or I thought so.

He just straight up told his parents that he respected their religion… but he didn’t believe in it.

I’m sorry, I’m just really mind fucked. Knowing the religion myself, I bet his parents are devastated… but they were sweet about it(from what I’ve heard)

You do you, Josey. Just damn. didn’t expect that.

Sorry to bother! Have a good day! Believe in something because you believe it, not because your parents force you to! Even if you have to wait till you’re in college to break the news to your hard ass religious family! Be you!