mork and mindy

If you haven’t heard the news, Robin Williams is no longer amongst the living.  The outpouring of grief when news broke on his passing is indicative of what we truly lost.

Robin Williams was, undoubtedly, a one-of-a-kind talent.  As an actor, he was incredibly versatile.  As such, I have decided (at the suggestion of my good friend seitanicwarmaster) to immortalize Robin Williams as Mork, as the Genie from Aladdin, and as John Keating from Dead Poets Society.


As the social media maven of our Tumblr page I find myself posting and mourning many celebrities throughout the years. Today, the death of actor, comedian Robin Williams is tremendously harder than usual. From his days on Mork & Mindy to his movie roles in Good Morning, Vietnam The Birdcage and Mrs. Doubtfire he has shown just how far his talent can reach. His recent project The Crazy Ones showed that Williams not only still had that magic touch but he had never lost it. Throughout his life and career he fought many battles including drugs and depression but always overcoming them with strength and humor. Today I sincerely mourn this loss and I hope that he has a peace in death that he never seemed to have in life.