Exhibition Tuesday! Today we highlight two of our unique AFT artists who are currently represented in exhibitions throughout the country.

Nick Cave created HEARD •NY, a fantastical performance art piece in honor of the Grand Central Terminal centennial that we presented with our pals at CREATIVE TIME and sixty dancers from the Ailey School.  For one week this past March, GCT’s Vanderbilt Hall was transformed by a herd of thirty colorful life-size ‘horses’ who brought magic and movement into the historic space. Currently, the Denver Museum of Art in Colorado is featuring a solo exhibition “Nick Cave: Sojourn,” on view until September 22, 2013.

Alison Moritsugu’s  mosaic, Community (Acer rubrum, Rosa palustris, Smilax rotundifolia, Carya cordiformis) can be viewed at the St. Lawrence Avenue stop on the 6 line in the Bronx. Intertwining two definitions of the word community, Moritsugu speaks to both people and flora growing throughout the Bronx. Her work can also be viewed in two group exhibitions, “The pond, The mirror, The kaleidoscope” at the SVA Visual Arts Gallery in NYC and at the Environmental Art For Collective Consciousness at the California State University, Fullerton Begovich Gallery.

Images: Nick Cave, HEARD •NY, 2013.

Nick Cave, Sojourn, 2013.

Alison Moritsugu, Invasive Repeat (wallpaper), King Cane (painting), Big Pineapple (painting), 2008.

Alison Moritsugu, Community (Acer rubrum, Rosa palustris, Smilax rotundifolia, Carya cordiformis) (detail), 2011.

whispers I think the brown haired eared person in Maekami’ bar is Moritsugu possibly


The look seems to fit! I got nothin’ on the red haired lady yet.

I’ll be taking that into consideration; noted! Thank yoooouu ! ^^

EDIT: I also noticed that in one artwork, Moritsugu’s holding a bottle of some sort, but idek what it contains, so maybe he DID come from the bar! Though his ears are a bit questionable xD

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Watch on farmersrepublic.tumblr.com

"Mommy Mommy, Where’s My Brain?" directed by Moritsugu. 1986

At Eden Mills Writers Festival, Sept 14 and 15

Heyya! I’m excited to be part of the ever-lovely Eden Mills Writers Festival in a couple weeks. It’s one of my fave local festivals, which takes over the picturesque small town of Eden Mills, Ontario (just ten KM or so east of Guelph). Hope to see you there!

Sunday, Sept 14 from 3:30 to 4:30:
I’m reading along with Maureen McGowan, Richard Scarsbrook and Morgan Rhodes as part of a young adult themed lineup in “The Commons”

Monday, Sept 15 from 9 to 3: 
I’m participating in a day of youth-focused writing workshops called The Hundred Story Wood with authors Heather O’Neill, Dan Falk and Kim Moritsugu.