Bakumatsu Rock characters and their rockin’ seiyuu ^-^

Masquerade Mirage
  • Masquerade Mirage
  • Kotobuki Reiji (CV Morikubo Showtaro) Mikaze Ai (CV Aoi Shouta) Shinomiya Natsuki (CV Taniyama Kisho)

Full version of Masquerade Mirage!!!!!!

I swear how did that fanpage get all these songs before the release date is beyond me!!! I don’t know how to describe this song in words!! I’m shaking while typing!! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ And there’s still the SHINING XMAS song and the OVA!! I might not survive Christmas this year!!!


Be As One
  • Be As One
  • ~ チーム総北(山下大輝,鳥海浩輔,福島潤,安元洋貴,森久保祥太郎,伊藤健太郎)
  • TVアニメ『弱虫ペダル』第3クールオープニングテーマ「Be-As-One」


Onoda Sakamichi      (CV. Yamashita Daiki)

Naruko Shoukichi      (CV. Fukushima Jun)

Imaizumi Shunsuke  (CV. Toriumi Kousuke)

Kinjou Singo              (CV. Yasumoto Hiroki)

Makishima Yuusuke   (CV. Morikubo Showtaro)

Tadokoro Jin              (CV. Ito Kentaro)

  • Abs abs!
  • Morikubo, Abe, Yamashita
  • Yowamushi Pedal Climbers Radiossho!

Yowamushi Pedal Climbers Radiossho!, in which Morikubo Shoutarou (Makishima’s CV) interviews Abe Atsushi (Izumida) and Yamashita Daiki (Onoda), but they can only answer with “abu” (abs).

Morikubo: First of all, I’d like to ask Abe-san. Izumida lost to Tadokoro and Naruko, does he feel frustrated by that?
Abe: Abu…. buwellabuabu….
Morikubo: Ah, is that so?
Abe: Abu…. abu abu (Morikubo: I see, I see) abu… Abuabu!
Morikubo: Ah I see! You can think of it that way too!
Abe: Abu, abu abu…
Yamashita: (laughs)
Morikubo: Now, Yamashita-san too. Yamashita-san, how do you see Izumida’s battle with Naruko and Tadokoro?
Yamashita: Abu… abu, abuabuabu, abu!! Abuabuabu!! Abu… Abuabuabu…
Morikubo: I don’t get it…
Yamashita: Abu, abuabu, abu abu, abuabuabuabu abu!! Abu…
Morikubo: …I don’t get it.
Yamashita: (laughs) Abuuu?? Aabuuuu?!??
Morikubo: Now let’s get back to Abe-san! Seeing Izumida, do you think there’s any muscle you’d like to build?
Abe: Abu… abu, abuabuabu, abu, abuabuabu, abu, abu abu.
Morikubo: I see, of course it’s like that, huh. It’s important, right.
Yamashita: (laughs) How can they connect with each other so much…
Abe: Abu, abuabu!! Buuu… Abua! Abuabua abu…
Morikubo: That’s hard isn’t it?!
Yamashita: (laughs)
Abe: Abua, abuabuabuabu!! Bu! Bu!
Morikubo: Wow you sure are attacking!
Abe: Abu, bua! Bua!
Morikubo: I see, that’s some power. Now, same question to Yamashita-san, is there any muscle you’d like to build?
Yamashita: Abu… abuabu, abu? Abuabuabuabu baabu, abu, baabuabuabu abu abu, babu…
Morikubo: I don’t get it… Can you explain more?
Yamashita: (laughs) Abuuu…?? Abuuuu…??
Morikubo: Ah, can we ask for your answer?
Yamashita: Abuuu, abuabuabuabu… Abu, abu.. abu, like, abuu…? (laughs) Abuu.
Morikubo: “Like”? What does “like” mean?
Abe: Abu??
Morikubo: 5,000 yen, you picked up 5,000 yen? No?
Yamashita: Abu!! Abu…!!
Morikubo: Your shirt today is…
Yamashita: Abu~
Morikubo: Yes, there’s lots of balloon drawings on it.
Yamashita: Ah… (laughs) Abu…
Morikubo: It’s really hard, isn’t it… Now, let’s change the question! Abe-san, what kind of girl do you like?
Abe: A, abuu?
Yamashita: (laughs)
Morikubo: Your type of girl, what do you like?
Abe: Wa, a…. Abu!
Morikubo: (laughs)
Abe & Morikubo: YAAAAY! WHOOO! YAAAAY!!
What? WHAT??
Yamashita: Why did you two get so excited?!
Abe: Y-you!! (laughs)
Morikubo: I mean it! I mean it!
Yamashita: I don’t get it! I DON’T GET IT AT ALL!!
Abe & Morikubo: WHOO!!
Yamashita: How did Morikubo-san understand that?
Morikubo: As expected, that’s where your focus should be, huh.
Abe: Abu, abuabu, abu!
Yamashita: I wonder if everyone else can understand that…? (laughs)
Morikubo: Now back to Yamashita-kun?
Yamashita: Ah, abu!
Morikubo: What kind of a girl do you like?
Yamashita: Abu!! Abu… abuabu…
Morikubo: That’s indecent, you shouldn’t say something like that! You can’t say that!
Yamashita: ABU!! ABUABUABU!! ABUUU!!!
Morikubo: Eh? You’re saying things too freely, stupid! You can’t say that! We can’t air this! It’s too dangerous!
Yamashita: Abuu…
Morikubo: OK, the eeeeend!!
Yamashita: Abu?

マリアージュ (sample)
  • マリアージュ (sample)

Sample song of Marriage!!!! O(≧▽≦)O

I’ve been wondering how the quartet songs will turn out and it came out to be quite mature-feeling and just really Quartet Night like in other words it’s just amazing!!!!!

You're my life (sample)
  • You're my life (sample)

Sample song of You’re my life!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

This this!!!!! This is so catchy yet so sweet like I’m just awwww!!!! The lyrics I sear it is just so sweeeett!!! This made me cry I am just really so excited for the all star fandisk!!!!!! o(*゚▽゚*)o