So that classy AU idea is actually kind of fked up. I only sketched the ideas i was for sure of…ahh…well lemme explain.
The royalty are blessed by the gods to be combined with a power and there are 7 kingdoms. I only made 3 so far…
There’s a twist…alibaba’s kingdom is wiped out and Jafar is the ruler of his kingdom right now and Hakuryuu is trying to overthrow his. I wanted sinbad to be blessed with all 7 but i havent done any sketches for that… ヽ(;▽;)ノ
It seems Alibaba is OP but actually i decided they can die if you decapitate them because i thought of chickens. XD then i decided that Hakuryuu’s scar would be replaced by scales because permanent injury. Then jafar has scales on his face and hands when activating his powers because the venom starting to form and flow through his blood stream.
Here’s what i basically planned that alibaba cant control flames yet and isn’t able to balance his power so he basically completely turns into a bird with no flames and he looks like a canary. And he is captured and sold to Hakuryuu’s family. Hakuryuu sets him free later but alibaba keeps coming back as the bird while he becomes friends with him as a person. Err and Jafar’s kingdom is poor as fk and are basically mercenaries for hire. So Hakuryuu hires him and they plan to take over and sht. Yeah…this is one of my complex ideas that im willing to put out there. Shjdkshdksns ahhg its probably never going to work OTL
Yeah so my actually not so classy AU idea kthx bye //hides in bunker//