Southern Eriador


Most of southern Eriador was largely unpopulated by the War of the Ring, but this was certainly not always so. Hollin (also called Eregion) was a great elvish kingdom during the Second Age, but after it was attacked and destroyed by Sauron in the mid-Second Age it was left uninhabited. Even so, when the fellowship travelled through the area on their way to Moria it was described as a pretty pleasant place.

Further south we find a slightly different story. Minhiriath to the west and Enedwaith to the east were both once populated by large numbers of men (and women, you get what I mean.) They were, like the Rohirrim, sort of cousins to the Edain - all descended from the same original group of men, but separated by their travels in the First Age. And the land itself was almost entirely forested - all part of the same primeval forest that stretched from Fangorn to the Old Forest and beyond.

However, when the Numenoreans started exploring Middle Earth, the coast of southern Eriador was some of the first territory they explored. Not recognizing the language of the indigenous people, they were labelled Men of Darkness, and the Numenoreans started deforesting the area in order to use the lumber to build more ships. Those local men who fought back were persecuted or driven out (some fled to the cape of Eryn Vorn.) When Sauron attacked Eregion later on, many of the folk of Minhiriath and Enedwaith supported him, hoping he would get rid of the Numenoreans. However, it was all for nothing since Sauron himself burned much of the remaining forest down during his assault. 

In the Third Age parts of Minhiriath and Enedwaith were claimed by Arnor or Gondor. But after thousands of years of war (Arnor’s conflict with Angmar in the north, and the Dunlending’s conflict with the Rohirrim in the south) as well as the Great Plague and devastating floods after the Fell Winter most of the region was largely depopulated. By the time we get to the late Third Age the only mentioned groups of people are some secretive forest-folk in Eryn Vorn, the Dunlendings in the east, and some “barbarous fisher-folk” along the coast. After the War of the Ring, Aragorn claimed Minhiriath as part of the Reunited Kingdom.


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But just remember, Not only did Thorin, Fili and Kili die, but. A load of the others died too when they later tried to reclaim Moria. Slowly but surley 90% of the company died horrible deaths. Merry Xmas everyone..........


By the way I wrote a Hobbit version (ish) of the Lords Prayer today.

Let us pray.

Oh Mahal, who are’t in Middle Earth,
Aulë be thy name,
Thy kingdom come
Thy dwarves be done
In Erebor as it is in Moria,
Let live this day Fili, Kili and Thorin,
In Bagginshield’s name,
Du Bekar Khazad Ai Menu.

Hoy salve una vida!

Hola! les quiero comentar algo que me hizo feliz y que hice hoy.

Iba camino al hospital por una alergia en la piel, de camino alli habia un trafico de autos horrible y no entendia por que, minutos despues me di cuenta de que un perro cachorro iba perdido en medio de la via corriendo y la gente frenaba para no arrollarlo, aunque los policias y las personas bajaban de sus autos para poder atraparlo y ayudarlo el perro corria muy rapido, finalmente luego de correr mucho rato asustado se cayo en una canal de agua, y aunque nado era muy profunda, mi padres y yo ibamos tambien en la persecucion para poder atraparlo, trataba de nadar pero se quedo sin fuerzas, NO PODIA VER COMO UN ANIMAL INDEFENSO MORIA, SIMPLEMENTE NO PODIA DEJARLO ALLI, asi que tome la rama de un arbol que se encontraba en el suelo y la tire al agua aun sujetandola y el perro se subio a ella asustado, alguien desde un edioficio nos lanzo por su ventana una pala plastica y asi pude sacarlo con mucho cuidado del agua, todos aplaudieron y los policia me abrazaron y aplaudieran y me dijeron que era una persona muy buena y valente. Lo lleve a la tiena canina, lo bañaron y luego le tome una foto para publicarla en las redes sociales, al final su dueno se puso en contacto via telefonica conmigo y lo entregamos.  Estoy feliz de poder haber ayudado y se que la vida y Dios me recompensara de alguna manera :)


It was insane to keep looking. Dwalin believed his brother and the others: their crownprince was dead. Thrain never had been a king for him because he was gone together with his father and now Thorin was the one he followed, the one he had followed all his life. But he knew how stubborn his friend was and he wouldn’t rest until he had his proof. But the warrior doubted there was anything what could prove it. The orcs could have taken the body and thrown it into a deep hole in Moria or worse.

      For days they walked now through the wildness and slowly Dwalin began to worry:

         ”Thorin, let us rest for tonight. The sun is gone and the moon not to
    see. It’s not wise to wander without any light to guide us through this land.” 



They have taken the bridge, and the Second Hall. We have barred the gates, but cannot hold them for long. The ground shakes. Drums. Drums… In the deep. We cannot get out. A shadow moves in the dark. We cannot get out…  

They are coming!