I have a book release + artist talk
Friday January 10th, 7pm in Austin TX, at Farewell Books

I will be releasing the first part of a three part box-set of small publications. The book being released January 10th Titled “ One ” featuring work of a more long term project.

This poster is on 8.5x14 natural cover-stock with applied vinyl.
It is ¼ designs that Morgan Brill and I collaboratively created as promotional tools / works for the talk. They will be signed and numbered to be given away at the end of the book release


Very, very stoked that Have a Nice Book flipped through Daniel Shea’s Blisner IL. Lucky to have been able to provide (and collaborate, disagree and agree on, and pour blood sweat and tears into) design for (with) Daniel twice now on such a beautiful stack of work, backed by some important thoughts. The book and the artist are a pretty amazing piece of work, and a real piece of work, respectively. The final copies are still up in the fourteen-nineteen shop. Get it before it’s gone.