[About a new study from the University of Florida] It proves that you can indeed kill almost every hint of bacteria on your average rancid germ-filled household sponge by simply nuking it for two full minutes - which will, if you try it, turn your sponge into a smoking smoldering extraterrestrial WMD device you cannot touch for about an hour lest you scald your fingertips and wonder what the hell a basic household sponge is made of that it doesn’t actually catch fire or liquefy after two minutes in a microwave. But hey, at least everything’s dead.
—  Mark Morford, Who will kill the evil germs?, January 26 2007
Sheen is the perfect energetic match to what we see and feel all around us right now. He’s a spectacularly fractured mirror reflecting the grotesque system that birthed him – smart, funny, wasted, hugely overpaid, egomaniacal, sexy, violently unhealthy, perverted, overamped, creepy, unhinged, lacking all center, moral compass spinning like a Catharine wheel, entirely unable and unwilling to take a deeper look at root causes. Ain’t that America.

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Watch! In disquieting awe as you can now place small, Wifi-enabled, Big Brother-esque triggers all around your home – on your fridge, your washing machine, your lost and abandoned dreams of ever having an interesting, dynamic life – and when you run out a particular Big Brand™ product, just press that brand’s button and boom, you just ordered more Tide, Pampers, K-Cups, Oxycodone, “Hang In There” kitten calendars, whatever. All from Amazon! Because evil!

Amazon unveils fresh signs of imminent apocalypse | Mark Morford 

your lost and abandoned dreams of ever having an interesting, dynamic life…. mark is sooo good.


“When You Say You’re a Swimmer” from Chris Shimojima on Vimeo.

An ode to competitive swimming in 60 seconds.
Arena Water Instinct

Swimmer: Lauren Morford
The voice: Leya Topodas
Writer/director/producer/editor: Chris Shimojima (
Director of photography: Garrett Hardy Davis (
Production coordinator: Holly Hursley
Sound design and mixing: Michael Feuser
Assistant camera: Richard Shu, Ben Fleming, Vivian Lin
Special thanks to the Brooklyn Sports Club (
and Michael Sabala, the coach