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I've just read this post h ttp:// rustboro-city. tumblr. com/post/86946280041/svviggle-kastortheunlockabl e And I can't do anything less than hugging you -I wish I could- I hope you're doing great in whatever you're doing now in life, because you've earned it! Greetings from Chile :)

Thanks so much! And greetings, Chile!


#MoreThanSilence from #BoyGeorge & #CultureClub off their #new #upcoming #albumn, “#Tribes”! (at The Hide Out)

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Hola! soy follower tuyo desde hace tiempo. Me encanta tu tumblr!! es la raja me rio caleta con tus post y lamento lo que le paso a tu erizo :/ hace unas semanas murio un tio mio y bueno.. quizas se como te sientes. :/ FUERZA!! :)

ugh, no sé si pueda ocmparar mi pérdida con la tuya, debe haber sido más fuerte la tuya. no sé.

pero gracias, man.

y fuerzas para ti igual c:

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#MoreThanSilence #BoyGeorge & #cultureclub (at crucified by Prada)

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Dear morethansilence, we are thrilled to see that you are following us! Hopefully you enjoy the content we provide for your amusement. We already want to thank you for your likes and reblogs in the future! We hope to hear back from you soon! Sincerly, the crew of the La Frontera Victoriana

thanks to you! :)