not trying to make this in to a long drawn out tutorial, but i am excited to write about the logo and variation that i just completed.

overall, the process took two days to complete… luckily enough for my i have a friend who has a really good eye for photography.  she took this picture for me at the very lovely Cedar Falls located at Petit Jean State Park, right outside of Morrilton AR.  Cedar Falls is just one of the beautiful natural attractions on the mountain.

i knew from the beginning that the logo that i wanted to create would have the waterfall incorporated somewhere, it was just a matter of having the right angle and a little bit of creativity to fully capture the awesomeness of the falls.

i took my photo and immediately fixed my levels, then turned it in to a greyscale image that had been posterized.  to my friends that are not graphic designers, basically and withdrew all the color except for a few shades which helped me see the immediate details.

once again, after seeing the details it was just a matter of drawing out the falls, with a few additions, in my art program.. anddddddd….?

you see the end result!

colors may change, but as i said… im very happy with it.


So tonight I got bored and decided to play around with some of my Star Wars Lego stuff. I’ve decided now, after having done this, that I’m going to do a large series of these - but in some form of “story mode” - limited only by my imagination and my wallet…because I’m going to need more Lego! So far all I have are the X-Wing and the Tie-Fighter, with their respective figures. 

More to come! 

Travel Stuff

Haven’t really been updating this much - I really need to get into the habit of doing so on a regular basis…even if it’s just one photo at a random time.

This is a shot from Belize in 2005. My parents retired down there nearly a year ago, but I haven’t been there in a few years now. I shot this one from the beach on Caye Caulker Island - a great little island with plenty of awesome little cabins to stay in that owners rent out while they’re not there. The atmosphere on the island seems more suited to the younger crowd - but it’s more laid back and less crowded than some of the other islands there. It’s also very “local”, as is most of Belize, as it thankfully hasn’t been “Americanized” yet. 

…which reminds me  - I need to start contacting people/companies in Belize to get some web design work. Have you ever looked at websites from travel organizations or companies in countries like Belize? It pains the eyes.

I don’t even recall at this moment what I have or don’t have on my own site…guess I should take a peek at that again and update it. Aw well - but I’m planning, in theory, to post things that haven’t yet seen the digital light of day, that have been collecting digital dust. I’ll try anyway. Sometimes there’s a reason that photos stay stashed in a folder, never to be seen or used for anything.