#bts on my recent #forbiddenplanet #photoshoot with @orantarjan_photography and @stregacraft - can’t wait to show you all what we have been up to! We ❤️ their new products 😊 #pinup #geekchic #comicnerd #redlips #katieperrylashes #victoryrolls #model #blonde #blueeyes #followme #morelikes #morefollowers #picoftheday #selfie

Thank you +Debashish Samaddar

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Week 7
#avalanche #avalanchecircle
Last week we had 370 public reshares. Excellent work everybody. Thank you for keeping the avalanche growing. But remember it only works if you reshare.

Due to demands on my time (I have an infant at home) FROM NOW ON I have to reduce the frequency of this circle to ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS. I’m sure many of you would like more time to reshare as well.
The first notification will go out with the circle.
For those who have missed that, the second notification will go out at the end of the first week.
New circle will be released at the end of the second week.

1. Add me to your circles.
2. Plus this post  
3. Share the post to PUBLIC or to a LARGE, ACTIVE community
4. Add the circle if you can, if not try again later.  
5. If you are not in the circle, and want to be in, complete 1-4 and request to be added in comments

The circle is at capacity and you have more time to reshare (two weeks). This means the resharing requirement is going to be stricter. You must reshare within the two week period in order to stay in the circle.
A. Please do not delete the reshare or comment that you have shared without sharing as some have done before. Those who have done so have been removed and will be blacklisted.
B. Some of you reshare it to a dead (or private) community with a few hundred members. Reshares have to be PUBLIC or to a community that has several thousand members.

If you are a blogger, writer, poet, photographer, software developer, etc.. and have a link to share, please tell me about it in the comments. I will pick two and showcase  them in next week’s circle.

Please plus, reshare and comment with your link.

This week’s showcase:
http://www.MyKitchenGarden.info by  +P. Mehta 
http://www.themadminstrel.com by +TheMad Minstrel 

Please visit: http://www.snappenstance.com to view my photography.

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