The crew returned from their little odyssey through dimensions and parallels and everybody was okay and one day, they looked back to this little incident and had a good laugh about it.

It’s gonna happen sooner or later. They’re gonna be fine, don’t worry, guys. Rodimus went on to win for his football team like he always dreamed he would. Percy was disappointed because there was nothing left of his corpse.

I think I am simply physically unable to draw Megatron with dignity and composure.

Looking for references for Rodimus is always pissing me off, that guy has no business being so attractive, damn it.

Fun Fact: This was actually funny in my head.

I'm here to set things right. Also? To look dashing. That part's less difficult.

I met Matt Smith today at FanExpo! He was so sweet and was somehow more gorgeous in person. I wasn’t able to say much to him because it all went by so quickly, but he was so happy and energetic with everyone even though the queue was miles long!  It was such an amazing experience :) 


The director took us through a bunch of improvs and stuff…He kind of threw us into intimate situations from the start where we had to trust in one another…I mean Dan and I kind of hit it off from the start. In terms of friendship and stuff like that. It wasn’t like we were battling to make like love for one another happen" - Dane DeHaan


1x20 / 5x12 - What happens when Paige tells Emily about her dates.