In this perfect metaphor for social media, a bunch of people stand around watching a guy drown and argue about it until he dies instead of actually doing something. Be sure to turn on the closed captioning.

It’s certainly an interesting way to launch a charitable social platform.


Less Rock, More Talk: A Spoken Word Compilation by Noam Chomsky

Available here.

A spoken word collection from the cutting edge. Combines politics from the likes of Noam Chomsky and Jello Biafra, the latest from literary figures such as James Kelman, Jerme Spew, Tom Leonard, Peter Plate, and Steve Pottinger, with countercultural icons such as Penny Rimbaud (of CRASS), Norman Nawrocki of Rhythm Activism, M. Gira and Mykel Board.

This the seed of dungeon.

“I’m suggesting that the written word – and to some extent the spoken word – is speaking to your intellect. Your intellect has a relationship to the whole mind, for sure, but it’s a little bit apart, it’s kind of its own thing. It’s a great thing, but it’s kind of its own thing. Meanwhile, images, sounds, music, patterns, motion – these things are speaking directly to your whole mind, often without troubling the intellect.”

“The take-away here? Talk is good. Written and spoken communication is a beautiful thing in and of itself. However, with videogames – a primarily audiovisual style of communication – talk can be disruptive, it can undermine. In this context, talk is noise.”

“We know the characters by how they move, we know the world by how it looks/sounds/feels. It does not talk. It does not need to. It rocks. What there is to understand is made clear audiovisually, so the intellect is free to reflect, to dream, to pursue tangential thoughts, to roam. This type of spell-binding talk-free experience, a little like Chahi’s Another World, might just stick with you for some time to come.”