Stand By Me (1986)

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Pedrazar Coffee Shop AU
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They meet at about the halfway point between the stage and Pedro’s table. Pedro takes a deep breath.

"Listen, Balthazar, I was an ass—I completely fucked up everything, and you were absolutely right to say everything you said the other day, and I completely understand if you never want to see me again, but the shop just isn’t the same without you, and I miss you, and I just need to know if there’s any chance we could—" he frowns, "—any chance we could be friends again."

Friends—the word echoes through Balthazar’s head. He accepted Pedro’s apology almost the moment he began speaking, but he has his limits, and he knows that, for the sake of his own self-preservation, there’s only one thing he can say: “No, Pedro, we can’t be friends.”


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Anonymous asked: River/Eleven + ‘You’re the one who called for an all-nighter’

It was 2am and River could feel her eyes drooping. It was obviously time for more caffeine.

"Coffee, sweetie?" she called through to the bedroom.

"No. Busy." A voice called back.

It was the end of the semester, which meant thesis papers and reports, and so much marking that it made her head want to explode. She still had 50 more papers that were due to be graded by tomorrow, then another 100 by the end of the week. It was excruciating, but this is what you get when you ignore your workload to go gallivanting around all of time and space with your ridiculous husband.

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batsonthebrain asked:

Sorry to but in, but you were talking about Tron in your tag. I miss Tron. The fact that we may never get a Legacy sequel so depresses me. I'd love to see Tron/MCU stuff.

I really loved Legacy, it was fun, and well I really wanted his puppy. I am a sucker for all the AUs though so all my fave pretty heroes in TRON gear would be hella awesome. And yanno how those Cap boys like to toss the shield around so it would be perfect for them to throw the data disk thingies. I need more coffee to words properly. 

And never fear butting in about plotbunnies. The more of the little buggers bouncing around the better I say.  

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