more of this plz

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Lol tell us some more high school stories do it plz!

Hahhaa theres so many stupid things i did in high school, i think i got in trouble more than i actually went to class!!! 😭
Lmao so every year before winter break, we had a whole week of square dancing and if a teacher wants to take the class they can but for gym class you had to go everyday there was no choice and i never wanted to do it cz you gotta hold hands with guys and like i aint dancing in front of the whole school?? So i told the gym teacher that i didnt wanna square dance and shes like you have to im like no idc i’ll just skip class you cant make me so the first day of square dancing started and i sat in the cafeteria and she came in she was so red she was shouting shes like GO IN RHE GYM RIGHT NOW im like gtfo i aint dancing and she goes IM GONNA CALL YOUR MOM i’m like go ahead she already agrees with me lmao and i thought her face was gonna explode she was so mad 😂


I said I’d do the thing so I did the thing :|b

These two are super flippity-skippity so it figures that Mesi is a boomerang babe and Arthur gets a cut-throat razor no references to the Great Dictator here no move along. Also Jet is really light and is often sourced from the UK, while Tiger’s Eye is hella solid and often comes from South Africa, so that works out too!

(Amethyst I am not sure that is helping but don’t let that stop you)