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Beverly isn’t necessarily romantically interested in Will but she still feels very protective of him and invested in him and yet is so direct as a human being that she can’t just let things slide, she has to call him out, she has to talk about it, she has to confront Will.

Doctor Who is in a creative rut. […] The show needs new characters and villains, not just slightly different iterations of old ones.

More than that, Doctor Who needs a shake-up beyond a simple another new Doctor. While I think Coleman, Capaldi, or even Moffat could thrive in a new incarnation of the series, I don’t think the show can succeed creatively while those three co-exist, and I think we all know that Moffat should be the odd man out.


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This sums it up nicely. Moffat just keeps repeating his old ideas, writes copies of his old characters and keeps forgetting that he’s supposed to write Peter Capaldi’s Doctor instead of Matt Smith’s now.