when Jake and I watched this video for the very first time we skyped each other because we were too scared to watch it by ourselves. Literally we both screamed and paused it just before the kiss it was so scary lolz

(also awkward-manatea I will never understand how you managed to make a bird noise with your mouth as I was going in for a kiss. Like how did that happen I have no recollection of that what even. Also you look so freaking smug in this screenshot I can’t)

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i used to swim competitively but i stopped because i just didn't have time for it…I used to be pretty good too. Now I can't watch Free because even though it looks really good, it just makes me sad. :L

I feel your pain here because it’s pretty much how sports animes make me feel sometimes:(

I used to do karate and also was quite decent at it and quit for the same reason as you and I regret it so often to be honest…And now it’s just kind of late;_;

The Timing Might be Right

Dear Chuck I loved this episode. I’m going to leave the really big meta writing to those a lot better at it than me, but I can’t help but touch on one little parallel that got me really excited.

So firstly, we have Cas gently letting Hannah know that he’s aware of the feelings that she might be growing towards him and he tells her that they—that he— can’t afford for those feelings to get in the way. He has a mission that he can’t divert from for any reason. He has to get to Dean. 

In other words, he tells her that now is not the time.

Any other time and Cas might have been able to handle the situation, but he’s weak, he’s focused, and the timing for Hannah to develop these feelings is inconvenient. 

"This road we’re on. It’s dangerous. We can’t afford to lose our way… no detours of any kind… I’ve been around humans for long enough to see how easily distractions occur."


Emotions. Feelings. They’re dangerous temptations.”

What we have here is a discussion between Hannah and Cas discussing timing in direct relation to emotions and feelings. 

Where else in the episode does Cas discuss timing with someone?

Ah yes. At the end with Dean.

It’s almost as an afterthought, just as he’s about to leave the room.

"Hey, maybe you should take some time before you get back to work— allow yourself to heal. It’s uh— I don’t know. The timing might be right.”

*Cue intense look of consideration from Dean*

Because of the previous conversation about timing and how it was correlated with the emotions and feelings, I immediately connected the two talks together. 

Two discussions. 

The first stating the feelings and implying the timing. 

The second stating the timing and implying the feelings. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people talk about failed relationships saying, “The timing just wasn’t right.”

Or successful ones, “It was just perfect timing.”

I don’t know if Cas used a common relationship phrase on purpose, but the writers sure did. 

And maybe the timing is finally right for the feelings between Dean and Castiel. 

Maybe soon.


this isn’t funny! you’ve could’ve—
i didn’t.


this moment was all about dean fighting the demon inside him so i’d like to point out a few things:

  • on the 1st gif dean is finally healed, his black demon eyes go away.
  • on the 2nd gif the old dean comes back for the first time with a soft and sincere look although he still thinks he’s a demon so he kinda doubts himself for a second or two until sam sprays him with holy water.
  • on the 4th gif he realizes that holy water can no longer affect him and that he’s human again.
  • on the 5th gif all his emotions return, he immediately regret the things he did as a demon.
  • and on the 6th gif, naturally, he tries to keep his feelings intact to show that he’s strong with a little jaw clench.

oh the old dean winchester is back alright, just an even more self loathing version and i’m afraid that it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse from here.

Chromedome & Rewind - Casting Reveal!
  • Chromedome & Rewind - Casting Reveal!
  • SenileSnake & VeggieBLT
  • Transformers: More than Meets the Eye

Team Train-Wreck is excited to announce the casting of 2 more characters from their upcoming More than Meets the Eye(MTMTE) YouTube Series!

Give it up for our Chromedome & Rewind!

I was tagged by several people to do the book selfie. Sadly, most of the photos sucks, but finally, here’s me with my two copies of The Night Circus. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s my all time favorite book, honestly, but I’m trying to brainwash encourage the association between me and this book because I do love it! 

Also, props to Dad for holding the blanket behind me so you can’t see how messy the kitchen is!

I feel like everyone has been tagged, but here I go:
thebookhangover, readaroundtherosie, books-and-sketches, books-and-ashes, just-one—more-page, she-was-too-fond-of-books and everyone else xD

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I'd rather have cutie Rung, with a warm heart, over an asshole prime like Rodimus anyday.

They should switch jobs for a day, it would be the end of everything.

Rodimus would be way too twitchy to listen to people and wouldn’t know what to say, so to not accidently give bad advice, he’d just give really short answers. He’d just sit there hearing about someone’s problems and then going “uh, that really sucks, man.” And then, silence.

And Rung would be this super cute captain who doesn’t want to screw up and says all his commands really soft and shy. They’d face the enemy and he’d have to go and stand in front of the crew, just barely lifting his face to look at them, his optics more focussed on his feet and his fingers nervously entangled, and he’d say “Take them out! if… if that’s okay with everyone. Just please, don’t hurt yourselves, and only go if you feel like it, I’m not forcing anyone into battle.” And Magnus mumbles “Rung, you need to show more confidence.” So Rung looks up and everyone is just smiling and nodding at him, making hand gestures to encourage him to speak louder, and Rung buries his face in one hand and reluctantly raises the other into the air and barely audibly squeaks “Til all are one…….!” and everyone just breaks into an earth-shattering battle cry and storms out of the ship into the fight and Rung waves after them like a concerned mom.

S05E01 | Carson, Mrs Hughes & the Fire

Since I saw that myuux2 made a wiki page for Shou-tan.. I decided to fill in some information~~ ^__^. As well as correct a few things (Like before I changed it, it said Virginal/True Hearts were released in 2013).

I think I’m doing pretty good considering I’m taking random guesses at how editing wikipedia works. ww. Even though I haven’t added any sources to anything I added. ^__^;;

I’ve added all of his discography as SHOWTA. and finished up/corrected his discography as Aoi Shouta, as well as filled up his information box thing~

I’ll definitely keep adding on when I have more time~~. Since I’m actually supposed to be finishing up homework.. You can check out the page here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shouta_Aoi