In case it helps.

Instead of simply looking at my daily/weekly to-do list (I call it my Quest Log) I’ve also started a list of things I DID do throughout the day.

It has really calmed me in the face of daunting tasks, being able to look down and say “Actually, yes, I did all those things. My day wasn’t wasted at all.” Even if one of them is “I took a shower.” Everything counts in large amounts.

Stay sane out there, friends.


Head-Hunter Morale beads .

These are what I make for fun when I’m supposed to be working on other projects so naturally don’t make many .

Each is hand carved from a recycled wooden bead ,so unique and some are dyed and burnt for effect and often have GITD filled eyes .

The themes are quite similar but vary from Zombie skulls , gimp masks , mutated frogs, robot heads , laughing ninjas, clown heads and Alien trophies  all of which get added to the 550 cord lanyard for safe keeping .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from