Rote Hilfe e.V. (“Red Aid,” abbreviated RH) is a German far-left prisoner support group. RH was founded in 1975, although localized groups calling themselves “Rote Hilfe” had begun to appear at the end of the 1960s. The group views itself as a successor to the Weimar-era Rote Hilfe. In the 1970s, it worked on behalf of Red Army Faction prisoners, and a few RH members went on to join the RAF or similar groups (e.g., Angelika Speitel and Hans-Joachim Klein). Today half of Rote Hilfe’s budget is spent paying the legal fees, fines, and expenses of left-wing prisoners. It also publishes a quarterly journal, Die Rote Hilfe (“Red Aid”), and other publications, organizes events, etc. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution considers it a “left-wing extremist” organization. RH is headquartered in Göttingen and, as of 2008, had about 5,000 members.


protective said:

hi? is it true that you can a buy copy of mopr?

There was a time you could order a Franco book that included a MOPR copy (also more movies), but they went out of copies soon (dying from success, we call like that it here) so that’s why order issues happened, I think.

I hope Franco will make new editions or releases or whatever for us all!! :-)

anonymous said:

is there any behind the scene's footage videos of river in my own private idaho, if so can you post them?

You can see some of them on YouTube: I think there are all the DVD ones, at least were before (the deleted scenes) and the new short ones Franco released.

Try this search: “river phoenix” “my own private river” and enjoy!! :)

Watch on

Diseñando el circuito de leds secuenciales para modding #MOPR inspirado en el supercomputador #WOPR de #WARGAMES


So i got to play mopre FF4 today and then I got stuck on a boss fight by Rydia came backkk as a hot chick. I don’t know why but she is hot. Anyway I don’t know how active I’ll be tomorrow since i need to finish ALL of my work tomorrow haha 

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