I am a 19 year old university student in my 3rd year. I cannot work due to my depression and the stress caused by uni, I would not be able to balance both. I have had my license for nearly a year and do not own any form of transport. If I could buy a car, I would not be able to afford the weekly cost of petrol on top of registration and insurance. For a decent car, registration usually costs around $600 a year.

My next option is to buy a scooter. They are cheap to run, along with cheap to keep insured and registered. I have been told that petrol can cost as little as $10 a week if used regularly, and registration is about $120 a year. This is a lot cheaper than buying a car. I could buy a brand new scooter as opposed to buying an old, dodgey car that I can barely afford to run and upkeep.

I have some money, but no where near enough to afford the initial purchase of a scooter. I would buy a 50cc one which does not require a motorbike liscence. Public transport here in Australia is shocking and very difficult to catch when trying to get around in general.

I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some help with trying to raise money to purchase a scooter. I cannot afford a car just yet, but this would helo me get around until I can. Even if it’s just a few dollars, it would help me out so much.

If all of my followers donated $1 or $2, I would be able to afford to buy a form of transport.


If you can’t donate, please reblog this. I know it’s nothing major like surgery or anything, but it’s important to me…

Thank you.