Day in the life of a real Native American

So even though I’m all westernized, here’s the day in my life lol

we had to get my cat’s talons clipped cuz he never lets us do it, so we had to trick him into crawling into a bag so we could bring him in. He hated us for it for about an hour

We needed an oil change and there was metal in my sister’s tire so we had that done and wandered the mall

Lots of joking around and doing some jingle dances in the aisles of stores, gotta represent haha

oh yeah, and took advantage of the 5 for $26 sale at victoria’s secret

came home, saw all you awesome people reclaiming the tags.  

Real life story of a native (no feathers, no disrespecting warbonnets)

Got my results back on the mass they found in my breast

I had my radiology appointment this morning to see if the lump was cancerous.  The place we were at was really depressing, I could hear several women crying in the other rooms down the hall.  3 different doctors looked at me and my results and after an hour of nervously waiting in 2 different waiting areas I found out that it’s not cancerous!  

We went to Avengers to celebrate so that my sister could claim Loki and I Thor lol.

Got to go driving with her after and just be outside for the first time since the accident

Overall today was a great day

A fond farewell to my car, she’s been through so much with me.  Today I was hit by a giant construction truck that totaled my car, I’m sad that her last ride was only a few miles from my house on the way to work.  

I literally just got my car back on Wednesday from getting fixed…

I’m lucky to only have a concussion, whiplash and damage to my clavicle and back.  If I had been closer to the car infront of me I’d have been smushed 

The nice guy from the ambulance who kept trying to persuade me to go to the hospital looked at my bumper stickers and said “Oh no, hello kitty got it?” haha

rambling post cuz I’m super disoriented still

also you can see Miller stadium, so you can tell how close I was to home :{

I have to bring a "cultural artifact" to my inter-cultural comm class tomorrow.

I really do not feel like actually bringing anything significant or personal to me to this class. I can not say enough times how much I hate the kids that go to this school. They don’t deserve to know a thing about me…

What could I possibly bring to get away with this assignment without being personal? 

I was debating bringing a dreamcatcher and giving a speech on how I don’t bring real artifacts since everything important to me seems to get stolen by outsiders and used for their own selfish purposes 

but I don’t want to get into that the second week of school, right?


I hate having to do anything personal for school. My teacher probably planned this assignment to be some fun way to get to know each other, but really. How does a multiracial girl who is a twin and belongs to many subgroups define herself in one stupid little item to present to the class

I'm sitting here trying really hard not to just burst into tears and become a mess on the floor right now

I have a final exam today and I just got back from the doctor… there’s a large mass in my breast that I won’t find out until Wednesday whether it’s cancerous or not…

don’t see how I’m going to do my exam, it’s all essay questions and I’ll probably just write about boobs the whole time

I understand that I’m only given what I can handle, but this is really pushing it.  


30 Day Challenge Day 01 - Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is

My “current” relationship is the one I’ve been in for 3 years and plan to be in for life 

He is the funniest, warmest and most loving person I’ve ever met. He met me when I was in truly one of the lowest parts of my life, saw past everything and loved me for me and asked nothing of me 

He’s my best friend and the sun in my sky.