mooselion replied to your post “Oh hey So got told today I wouldn’t be allowed back at school if I…”

fuck that man. what assholes. the same thing happened at my school too. dont worry, as soon as you finish school you can do whatever the hell you like with how you look and no one can stop you :)

You are good. I like you. And yes, I’m looking forward to that time where adults who haven’t earned my respect can’t tell me what I can and can’t wear and how my hair should look

To be honest I don’t think they should be allowed to now. It’s my hair. And it’s crazy that they are threatening to not allow me on school grounds because they don’t like how it looks

mooselion said:

best of luck! im very excited to see what kinds of objects we're going to see for everyone! hope you enjoy yourself while youre doing it, dont stress yourself out over it :) xo

I’ll do my best not to stress out over it. There is the pressur eto make sure people don’t have to wait a YEAR in order to get their drawing (I know that’d sucks hard for me) but I’ll try!