Man SPN last night was so frigging intense! I’m really am glad that Dean’s back to his old self! I can’t wait for next Tuesday’s episode of SPN! #supernatural #hunters #jensenackles #deanwinchester #jaredpadalecki #samwichester #moose #mishacollins #angelofthelord #castiel #marksheppard #crowley #kingofhell #s10

This will have to be supernatural because as far as I know, that’s the only fandom me and writer-in-a-tardis-blanket share 

     Sam came in the front door and kicked the snow off his running shoes. He was in the healthy kind of mood, so when his eyes passed over the dingy motel room he and Dean were sharing, he blanched. He would have to clean it before Dean and Castiel got home from their pie run. 

    Soon he was armed with trash bags, peroxide cleaner, and determination. he decided to start on his incurably messy brother’s side of the place. His sock feet crunched over the crumb and dirt packed carpet as he made his way over to dean’s bed.

     His hands got to work picking up the trash when he uncovered an unfamiliar box. Being the nosy moose we was, he opened it to find letters upon letters filling the box. He opened one, his curiosity impossible to reign in now. It was a love letter, Sam found this curious, as Dean never kept actual relationships. Simply put, it was sexual as fuck. Sam wrinkled up his nose and addressed the address. The note slipped from his hands in surprise, it was clearly signed From Castiel.


#SPN10 countdown challenge | day 3 - episode 3 season 3
Dean is 50 shades of done with this.

Dude. 3 days.

I wanted to do something simple and funny. I was tempted to do something with Sam’s kitsune and how Dean fucking stabbed her while looking her in the eye, right in front of her kid. (Still irks me.) But funny it is!

3 days.

Poor Moose.

3 freaking days!


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