*Limited Edition 180gm pressing on Gold Wax - remastered from the original tapes, including a 12” by 12” insert of liner notes by Dave
Segal. An essential Reissue of one of the most compelling and original
albums to have emerged from the British post-rock scene of the early
90’s* A bit of a bolt out of the blue this one, Medical Records breath
new life to what we consider to be one of the most interesting and
overlooked albums of its era, Laika’s 1994 gem ‘Silver Apples of the
Moon”. Simon Reynolds coined the term “Post Rock” writing about Laika
and Kevin (The Bug) Martin’s God project, but don’t let that put you off
- shorn of all its shoddy connotations the term aptly reflects the
genuinely mongrel, Polyrhythmic approach to production employed by
Laika’s Margaret Fiedler and Guy Fixsen, taking in elements of Jon
Hassell’s Fourth World, the squashed funk of P.I.L, Jamaican
soundsystems and Martin Denny’s Exotica to come up with a sound like no
other. Well, that’s not exactly true - trace elements of their sound can
be heard on Moonshake’s (also sorely overlooked) “Eva Luna” album
(which was co-written by Laika’s Margaret Fiedler) - and their sound
fits in neatly with their label mates at a top-of-its-game Too Pure
label of the early-mid 90’s (Stereloab, Seefeel, Mouse on Mars and Pram
in particular, but also PJ Harvey). As the excellent liner notes point
out, it was a prescient Kevin Martin that invited Laika to contribute a
track to his hugely influential “Macro Dub Infection” compilation in
1995, and again you can trace the spores of influence taken from
Soundsystem culture throughout the album - lending a bass weight to the
production that wasn’t typical of the era. It’s nice to see a label like
Medical Records spread its wings a bit to cover this vaguely
unfashionable era and a band that’s arguably long overdue some credit
for crafting an album that sounds so fresh and exciting all these years
later. Highly Recommended.