Here’s the master list of what I bought at Anime Boston (and CPAC). ^_^ Wow, it’s a lot of stuff…

1. I went to AB with the goal of getting a Moon Bun, so here is my first one. ^_^ (Etsy shop!) This lady is super sweet and kind! Everyone needs one of these!

2.  And this uhhhh… very wrinkly picture of a very cool tanktop by 1% Talent. (Website)

3.  Super adorable keychains by MiniMushroom, who is also adorable. (DeviantArt page)

4. I made a trip to the restroom and on the way back I accidentally bought the Beemo pin in this pic. LOL. (DeviantArt page) The Marceline one, I am tracking down its maker. And the other one is Demos, from Fishbones, which is a cool webcomic and I got that last year at Otakon. 

5.  I sort of had to have one of these in my life, too! Can’t go wrong with an octopus. (Etsy shop) Another lovely lady, who everyone should own something from!

6.  I pretty much had this thrown at me, haha. (DA page, going by the AB AA map, so hopefully I am right!) 

7. On Sunday I purposely left my table to walk about with NO money. And then I borrowed money from aluminumbunny and bought this. Somehow I missed this table the first 70 times, so I fangirled and couldn’t resist. (Website) The book is gorrrrrgeous~

8. Going back to the week before, here’s what I got at CPAC. Usually I would steer clear of a table covered in adorable tentacled things (because I’d have to buy one) but I’m glad that I finally did! (DA page

9. And I’ve been scolded… I also bought a B.A.P poster, but I didn’t want to take a pic of it. I feel like I’m back in highschool, hanging young men on my wall. LOL 

30 Day Crochet Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: Do you have a “Crocheting Hero” or someone that is just way too awesome for their own good? Do share!

I actually have a bunch of crochet heros… Other than the obvious (family members), I love some of our tumblr crochet gurus! Here’s a few that I follow:





3 things to say.

1. this guy sitting across from me was in one my classes but I can’t remember which one.

his music is loud. i can hear it but i don’t really care

he’s very out of breath…panting like crazy hile doing his ork rofl

2. My philosophy teacher has very feminine hands…LOL they’re slim and long and pretty LOL

I think he’s kind of cute.

I imagine him as though he’s like an actor in those photoshoot and you know what…looking good

It seems I have to put a person in a famous pov to see how they look for me to consider if they’re attractive.


But anime boston iss expensive and not really a big anime person…:/

Its a @MoonsCreations Christmas!  I love my new Christmas Angel moon bun :D She is so pretty.  And with my baby Moon Buns Rudy and Snowy (if you didn’t know, Rudolph and a Penguin) are there to make sure Jesus doesn’t choke.  Yes, the Choking Jesus Nativity has made yet another appearance.


This is my dog, Pixie. She’s a Border Collie we adopted through a rescue group. She was physically abused and only given chicken feed to eat after she killed a chicken. While under these conditions, she had a litter of pups, all but one died from exposure. When rescuers got to her, they described her as mud and bones.

She has come a long way under our love, but suffers from lasting health issues, especially her teeth. After our most recent visit with the vet, we found she needs at least 10 of her teeth pulled. The cost is estimated at $500, but could be more if they discover more issues.

Money is very tight with us and any purchases made from Moon’s Creations will greatly help in paying for the cost of her surgery. I’m also accepting custom orders from now through the end of June, when I take maternity leave.

I have a Storenvy shop too!

Thank you for listening. ♥