So this weekend I went to the Sun Run as part of Coventry Network.

The guys team won their catagory, we won the volleyball and my team won our catagory!

Could not be anymore proud of everyone who went out their and gave it their best shot.

I got that feeling again where I’m proud of myself for acheiving something and not being completely useless.

Incredible weekend! many more to come :D

iScout :) xxxxxxx



So I’m off to the sun run tonight. No motivation to pack though thanks to the rain; but I am excited to go. Maybe more for the entertainment than the hike/run on Saturday but none the less I am excited. I expect that rhinos or the network will come back with a trophy. Kind of wish I was in the better team rather than the lousy moon run one I’m in. Oh well. I will have fun despite the weather.
Oh, and so far this year when my unit has gone camping or to an event we’ve had bad weather.