Funny story with this one:

-Started as a vent two days ago. (Needless to say, I felt similar to the mood/what’s being said that night. )

-Did this almost in the dark. 

-Somehow, I liked it, took a shitty picture of it, (changed the last panel because, dayum it looked derpy.) and decided to test my skills on what I can do with manga on SAI.

No really, people have these fancy-shmancy programs like Manga Studio and shit, then I look at other examples of digitally drawn manga and quite a handful of them WERE DONE SOLELY ON SAI. I mean, dafaq?? These are some of the greatest manga’s I have had the joy of laying my eyes on!!

So I dug up an old email that velocesmells sent me ages ago about how to do manga tones and shit on SAI without the use of finding and downloading brushes……did my own things as well, and the final result? Mmmmm……it ain’t too shabby for a first try. The more I brush this up, the more better I get. That’s how it goes for everything.

BTW, I also had an epiphany: the font used for manga is DEFINITELY not Comic Sans.

BTW2: No. Getting ready to choke your best friend is not the way to go.

Characters on this page aren’t owned by anyone else except me.


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1.What do/did you study or would like to study?

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I would like to study Mythology, other cultures, english and literature and poetry and art.

2.Where would you like to visit?

Italy~~ Venice// or Roma. Also, Florida, Disney World. Also, Canada.

3.Whats your favorite board game?

Monopoly~ er maybe Candyland…haha haven’t played it in years but I remember it was always my favourite. Or possibly Clue.

4.Goals for the rest of the year?

Finish writing one of my stories so I can try to make it into a book already!

5. 5 favorite videogames:

Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Amnesia: Dark Descent

6. Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?

Strawberry ftw!

7. Favorite group/band/singer?

Nightwish >8) 

8. Why is your favorite show/anime your favorite?

Ohhh man. Okay okay so my favourite show is my favourite because the characters are all so amazing and well developed and just ingenius. The story line is excellent and it only gets better because of the variety of characters and their interesting backstories and the decisions they make.

9. If you could blow 1000 us dollars just for you, what would you get?

Probably videogames, cosplay stuff, and manga.

10. Why did you get a tumblr?

Cause my friends talked it up like nobody’s business and made me have to see what it was like. 

PS: hated it at first because they didn’t tell me I had to follow people to see cool posts.

11. Um… how fast can you type?

Pretty fast! Faster than I write with pen and paper.

Yo man answer these Q’s::

1. Lalalala~~~~ What’s your favourite song right now?

2. Do ya like to read~? Hey I like to read baby~~ Do ya like to read~? Yeah? Well what’s your favourite book(s)?

3. Practically perfect in every way~ What is your greatest skill?

4. OH FRIGG THE TITANS ARE ATTACKING! What are you most afraid of?

5. Oh man..I wish I had black hair. Is there anything you’d like to change about yourself?

6. DARNIT THESE ANIMES ARE GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF ME YET. What is the last anime you watched and did you like it or not?

7. Lucky number 7~~~ what’s your favourite number?

8. I want to go to Sea World….or on a cruise to beautiful islands….What is your ideal vacation?

9. Avoid the Sea of Monsters! What is something you definitely do not want to do.

10. I want a pet Basilisk like Tom Riddle, I could rule the world with that man! HA! If you could have anything as a pet, what would it be?

11. Now it’s time for so long, but we’ll sing just one more song~ If you met me in real life, what would you do?

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Seven’s a good number. Yeah. 7 instead of Eleven. Yeah. Yeah 7-Eleven. o I’m so good -not-.

moonphyr asked:

"I trust you" (with SB Nyro?)

((I’m assuming this is Kotaru saying that to Nyro?))

"I trust you."

Nyrokin paused, his back still turned to Kotaru. “Trust, you say?”


"Why do you say that? For what reason do you have to trust me? Trust is a very heavy thing, after all…wouldn’t it be better to invest your trust elsewhere?" He continued rummaging through a box of items on the table, back still turned to Kotaru.

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Result was totally worth staying up til 6 AM, practically immobilizing my right shoulder. All this started as a small doodle in a sketchbook yesterday, and then three of some of the most important people in my life demanded this to be digitalized.

So here is my current extent of my shonen furry skillz. Compared to the last digital thing I did, this is actually quite a jump in skill. Gotta love practicing!

Diamond Dust Revolution

A commission for Gothicdragonart on DeviantART. Weirdly, he asked for a commission of MY character, Kotaru @3@ Never had I once received a commission where they ask for a character of mine, so it was almost as if I was drawing for myself and getting paid for it. But even at that, I STILL took a bit LOL

 The outfit he’s wearing here is his outfit that he wears in the future story, Subconscious Chronicles. I was pretty lucky that I got bored one night and went far ahead and did a flat coloring of the outfit, otherwise I would’ve taken even longer with it LOL

But hey, I got it done. And it fucking LOOKS good, too! The ice was a BLAST. Wow. I can’t stop staring at it *stares and drools*

Kotaru Koori and the artwork belongs to yours truly, MoonPhyr XD

moonphyr asked:

Fury: The one thing that you dread to hear or something to that effect LOL

I dread to hear fighting…and even more so, I dread to be accused of playing victim, or of trying to evoke guilt, or, worse, of being the root of the problem. 

I also dread to be told that I did something wrong…no, I don’t mean making a mistake…I mean being told that I broke a rule, or given any impression that I have ruined any effort of being a good person…

I dread to hear that I’m not good enough. 

It’s a trigger. It really is. It can very easily break me down into a crying fit, no matter how illogical it seems…I will break and fall when people fight and accuse. 

moonphyr asked:

1, 7, 9, 10, 21, 28, 34, 48, 81, and finally my personal one because I'm just too awesome to follow rules: How are you? *shot*

1. Would you have sex with the last person you text messaged?
*cough* You demonic girl. I think you only asked that because you have a very good guess as to who I texted back. The answer is “yes” but not until I deem it to be the right time. (I’m a stubborn girl, after all.)

7. What happened tonight?
"Tonight" hasn’t passed yet. I predict that it will be full of nothing but homework. 

9. Is confidence cute?
Within reason…get cocky or arrogant and it will become a point of annoyance.

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Memento Mori a little too soon.....

(“MOONPHYR! Nyro, Kotaru. NOW :D” Hokai, hokai then! One submitted post, coming riiiiiight up~!)

Staring at a bouquet of arranged flowers almost awkwardly, Kotaru sighed and trudged forward to the graveyard with a rather solemn expression on his face. He almost wanted to question out loud on why he had to be the one to head here instead of his other friends, but decided against it.

After all, why not? It would be rather disrespectful if he did otherwise.

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moonphyr asked:

12, 14 and 16~

12. Ideas of a Perfect Date: “Dating” was never particularly on my mind. But I enjoy hanging out. I don’t want an event where my date goes out of his way to try and romance me. Just hang out, enjoy the company, enjoy what we’re doing, have fun, relax…Sure it could be the movies or dinner, but just hanging out can be more than just that, or “less” depending on how you want to see it.

14. Piercings I want: Nope, I’m fine with the single set I have in my ears.

16. Favorite Movie: WHY, my friend? You know I barely watch enough movies in the first place, and I don’t have absolute favorites! DX

moonphyr asked:


  • The Fool:Something you’ve always wanted to try
    • Too cook my favorite foods on my own!
  • The Magician:Something you’re very good at
    • I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. No lie.
  • The High Priestess:One thing you wish you knew
    • How to speak dog, so that I can tell puppy to stop getting on furniture or to stop trying to get into the cookies.

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moonphyr asked:

EVONNIE (Go right on ahead. I ain't afraid to say my real name XD)

Eevee, do me a favor, and answer this question: Why did I not use my real name when I sent my ask to you?

E. My best friend is the one that happens to be the one who sent this ask.

V. Right now. I’m very angry at something, and thus I am crying.

O. My eye color is Black.

N. I don’t have a favorite place to shop, but when I am upset, I want to buy things.

N. (Already answered)

I. My ears are pierced once each. No tattoos, yet.

E. (Already answered)

goma-teishoku replied to your post: goma-teishoku replied to your…

I was just being siiiiilly :P he has a nice look to his face so I imagined he’d be factual but not mean

LOL I know. 

moonphyr replied to your post: goma-teishoku replied to your…

"naturally programmed to do" Now you just made him sound like an android, which would relate back to Serenna’s earlier comment back in the car XD

*facepalm* I need to do something about my word choices.

moonphyr asked:

N, Y, R, O, K, I, N, G.

(Bloody hell, you incorrigible woman. There’s no ‘G’ in my name!)
N: Would you consider yourself vain or narcissistic?
Why, yes. But I am not arrogant to the point of being a bitch.
Y: Is there anything you wouldn’t do for love?
I wouldn’t commit suicide for/over love that I cannot have or keep.
R: Religion, what is yours? Do you believe in a god?
I affiliate with no religion, but my view are complex. I am neither for nor against any religion currently know to man. But I sure do have a problem with the people who use their religious teachings for the wrong reason.
O: Are you open minded, or do you judge people and things before you give them a chance?
I will always judge based on both first impression and what you do down the line. There are certain things I will NOT ignore, because I do not associate myself with those with a meek mind. And I do not mean your education. I mean your critical thinking. However, if you are talking about petty things such as appearance and sexuality…You are what you are. But in terms of appearance, overly “casual” clothes or anything overly revealing does not in any way impress me, and certainly makes me less inclined for conversation. Will I give people a chance? Yes. I will, and I have. But does that mean you will stay in my good books? Only if you prove yourself worthy.
K: Would you ever kill someone? What would be a good reason?
Yes. I am a very vengeful person. But for that to happen, you must have pissed me off really badly, to the point where you have provided a rift in my life…either that, or you tried to assault me, first.
I: If you liked someone with a terminal illness, would you still date them knowing they might not live much longer?
First of all, I don’t like the term “date.” I prefer “courting.” Second, to answer the question, no, I will not court someone who is dying. Courting is for finding a mate that is a soul mate. I cannot couple with a dead person, so why try? But I will love. And I will care. I will make the most of the time left for our bond. But I will not court the fading life.
N: Would you consider yourself vain or narcissistic?
Already answered above.
G: Do you believe in ghosts?
Hard to say. Yes and no…maybe. So? I believe in what our heart makes of what we believe to see and hear.


I’ve been wanting to change my tumblr theme for a while and I think I FINALLY got something satisfyable down considering my lack of knowledge of CSS and shit.

So happy~